How to make a girlfriend a fan, or With a nice paradise and … at the stadium.

How to make a girlfriend a fan, or With a nice paradise and … at the stadium.

Do you know such a problem: on the TV – the Cup Cup final, but the adored girlfriend of life – against! She needs to discuss something urgent with you, or – to watch your favorite TV series, or – to mom for pancakes, urgently and necessarily with you. I think this situation happened to most passive sports fans.

And yet all is not hopeless. Today we will give you a few tips that, if you do not make your spouse an expert on blue lines and various other fine matches, you will definitely reduce the degree of traditional female intolerance to such an important part of the life of any man as a sport. Probably, you understand that your beloved is simply not interesting. And what have you done to change this? However, we will not dwell on the objective differences between men and women, but immediately turn to practical recommendations.

You should not tire her brain with unnecessary details about the rules and regulations. It is better to pay attention to the features of the form of players, take an interest in her opinion on the design of game sweaters, compare with other variants known to you. You can also discuss the size of the fees of different players than not an excuse to make it look closer to the stars. Women by nature are avid for success. Subsequently, developing an attack, you can open for her the size of the fees of the stars of world sports. Details she will require from you.

It seems that the next step you guessed yourself – gossip, rumors, near-sport news, who, with whom, for how much. You can also mention how fashionable in modern advanced girls to attend tournaments personally. When interested, reduce. Let him be sure that you did not lie. For the next match she will ask you herself, pretend to be surprised. If you are an active member of any brotherhood of fans, join boldly, ladies love a sense of belonging.

Of course, extremes are possible. Sports stars look good, they live beautifully, and they are really popular among fans. If you are for some reason afraid of competition, you can use another trick. Women tend to be touched. Nenarokom pay her attention to the fact that, for example, Max Sushinsky is so similar to her beloved teddy bear. Everything, the adjustment is made: firstly, it really looks like, secondly, her thoughts are directed in a direction more suiting you, while staying in the right direction. And now, when she creates her own idol, she will be moved by instincts more motherly than some others.

All the above actions will lead to the fact that the primary interest will be fixed. And if you continue to work creatively, then one day it turns out that your wife understands you better in names, statistics, rules and schedules. And certainly, that unlike you, she will identify the players not by number, but in person. Your family will have a favorite team, squabbles will disappear because of different understandings of the right leisure. What we wish you!

P. S. Maxim Sushinsky – favorite hockey player of the author of the article and mentioned in the text in an exclusively positive sense. At the time of writing, he is the right-handed striker and captain of the Moscow Dynamo.

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