How to light a cigarette from the battery, or Lighters not?

How to light a cigarette from the battery, or Lighters not?

Let’s return to our cars and talk about the lighting. If you are a person who smokes, then you know that in the passenger compartment, just a little from the dashboard, there is a piece between the driver and the passenger of the front seat, from which you can light cigarettes, cigarettes, even cigars, but only the tube is difficult … So, on this thing we will not talk, because there is practically nothing to say about it … (greatly confused?) and start …

Let’s start with the trick of smoking from you. This is when you graciously agreed to get a foreign car from your battery. And just one simple rule should be clearly understood. Having adjusted the car, muffle it. And let them “light” as much as they like. The fact is that if you give a “light” with the engine running, then you are most likely to fail the generator.

Now the trick is the second, the reverse, this is when someone decided to give you a light. In this case, connect one wire to the “+” battery, and the other one not to the terminal, but to the motor housing. This will eliminate the failure of the on-board electronics, if you confuse the wires, and there are plenty of such interwoven.

Well, the last one for today is cunning. Judging by all the previous manipulations with the battery, it is a bit weak for you. And it is possible that every time you come home you are forced to take the “weak” battery home so that in the morning it, warm, could properly twist the engine.

Do this every day. And every time you make this difficult, in a literal and figurative sense, the procedure, you get dirty to disgrace. Meanwhile, the output is near. Try to install the battery in its original location right in the bag-string bag. Then it’s very easy to get the battery from the close compartment: took it by the handles – and took it out (after disconnecting the “minus” first, and then the “plus” output).

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