How to light a bonfire without matches, in wet weather?

How to light a bonfire without matches, in wet weather?

Spring is in the yard, and today we will go on a hike … virtually. And, as usual, the trip will be extremely unsuccessful. And the weather is not lucky, and the matches have been forgotten at home, not to mention the fact that after a rain that has not stopped for two weeks everything that can only be set on fire has irreversibly damped. Here, building a small cluster of such problems, we, with our usual zeal, begin to overcome them.

So, let’s try to build a fire in wet weather. And the first thing to take into account in these chilly circumstances is the obvious fact that a small fire is much easier to dissolve and set on fire than a big one. So, we boldly bred a great many small fires that will burn better, and they will give more heat, or, if they are lucky, they will lure some lost airplane in the clouds. What for? Maybe they’ll throw up the house …

As for the fuel, it’s best to look under the trunks of fallen trees. There are usually small, dry islands. Of which the most combustible and convenient material is the rottenness of dried trees, or dry stumps and pitch of pine cones.

Now all that we have found is to be folded to the heap, in the form of a wigwam. And at this solemn moment you find yourself forgetting the matches at home.

It’s okay. It is not necessary to tear your hair, buttons and rubbing with a richly salty tear on your cheeks. It is not necessary – for there are at least three ways of obtaining fire without matches proven by folk wisdom.

The first and most successful option is flint and flint. As a flint here can be the corresponding side of a waterproof match box, or a solid piece of stone.

In order to ignite a flame from a spark, you need to cut this spark first. Why furiously beat the flint on the steel blade of the knife, or about some small steel bar. When the spark hits the tinder and the latter begins to smoke, we immediately lean forward and start desperately to blow. If everything is done correctly – the fire is ready, if not – go to the beginning of the paragraph.

The second way, sung by the unforgettable Cyrus Smith, is imprisoned in the sun and the lens. And the latter he made of two glasses of wristwatches, filling them with water and smeared with clay, once again confirming that there are no hopeless positions.

If Prometheus did not come out of you and could not obtain fire, it remains advisable to resort to the last and most classical method of flame cutting, namely to friction. This method is resorted to with great despair. However, a weak hope for success still needs to be fired.

In this way, many varieties we will focus on one, called “bow and borer”. To begin with, make a bow using a lace, rope, or belt. Then we use it to scroll the dry soft shaft in a small hole made in a dry and solid block of wood. As a result, we will get a dry powdered dust, in which a spark should appear in the course of further friction.

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