How to learn to type quickly?

How to learn to type quickly?

People fall into two categories: those who look at the keyboard, when they print with two or three fingers, and those who do not. Because they just do not keep track of all the ten fingers in the work.

No, I’m not talking about typists professional, not about computer operators and not even about gamers with experience. This is about those who have learned to work with the computer keyboard correctly. And everyone can learn.

Why can not you type quickly with two or three fingers? Very simple. These two or three fingers will have to do such an impossible job, torn between a hundred keys of the keyboard, which will at least quickly drop speed, and as a maximum, very unpleasant joint diseases can develop. And the most insulting is that this can happen, even if you just chat in chats, and do not work with huge databases.

So the first step to quick dialing is to learn the blind ten-finger method of printing. Almost any keyboard simulator will help you solve this problem more or less successfully. Just remember: to buy or download a program is not to learn. However, you can get high speed only by regularly practicing and practicing in the set.

When the first step is completed, you can go to the second step . To fix the acquired skill. It’s best to have a diary where you can type at least a page of text every day. Or actively communicate in ICQ, chat rooms and forums. Interactivity adds excitement and greatly stimulates an increase in the speed of dialing.

It is not necessary to achieve high speed at this stage. The point is to feel easy when typing. If you drive a car, you know this feeling: the hands themselves do what is needed, as if on a machine. If you have achieved such a result when typing, you can go to the speed .

First you need to type simple short texts for a while. One time – for warm-up. The second is a little faster. The third one is even faster. It is important to seek improvement every time. Gradually, the texts can be extended and complicated.

The printing speed usually falls on:
1) digits
2) symbols and punctuation
3) long words

Therefore, we first practice numbers and symbols as such, and then actively enter them into the typed texts. In doing so, do not forget each time, at least one character, but increase the speed.

If you do not want to compose texts, you can participate in various virtual championships by blind printing. And increase the speed by typing specially selected texts, and the prize can be won. Participation, as a rule, is free.

What do you get as a result?

Print speed is usually measured in characters per minute. Less often – in words a minute. It is understandable: compare the number of characters in the words “encyclopedia” and “cat”. In the world, however, it is commonly believed that the average word has five characters. Therefore, if an American informs you that his speed is 50 words per minute, boldly multiply by 5 and get his speed in the symbols.

The normal speed is 150-200 characters per minute, 250-300 is good, well, and all that above usually indicates that the person has taken all of the above steps.

Is there a world record for printing speed? Of course have. Only in different languages ​​should the record be set separately, so the record is not one, but there are a lot of them. In English, one of the recent records is 156 words (!) Per minute. As you remember, this equals 780 characters per minute.

And in Russian? Maybe you will put such a record?
Only one last tip: in the pursuit of speed, do not forget about the number of errors. And it turns out, as in a joke:
– How fast are you typing?
– 1000 symbols per minute. Only such nonsense turns out …

Good luck!

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