How to iron clothes without iron, or tips lazy

How to iron clothes without iron, or tips lazy

We continue to share tricks for lazy people. What could be more frightening for the aforementioned lazy person, like the idea of ​​urgently needing to pat clothes? Probably the very process of ironing. This is what we will be facilitating today.

For example, you lie on the couch and think (by the way, a useful lesson is akin to meditation), as it were, without too much difficulty, stroking the rumpled necktie. Very simple, for that there is the most useful “know-how”. We take a crumpled tie and several times vigorously we carry them back and forth over a red-hot bulb. Until the skill is acquired, it is important to hold the back side so that if the operation has not been quite successful and there are stains on the tie – the wardrobe item would not have been hopelessly corrupted.

If you are going to an important meeting, and still are not coming from home, you can iron out the outfit without even getting up from the chair. Pull the coats of your jacket down and sit on them for a while. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

Well, and if the wrinkled trousers are found even in the evening, fold them on the “arrow” and put them under the mattress. It is advisable to lay them on both sides with something hard. Morning is, as you know, even wiser than evening: get enough sleep on them, as it should, and the next day the “shooters”, as in a fairy tale, will look as though they were carefully ironed with steaming. This method was born in the army, and therefore, as all out of the barracks, elegant and witty.

How to iron clothes without iron, or tips lazy

Well, finally, such a thing as shirt . Here it is necessary to cheat from the very beginning, namely from the moment of its purchase. When buying shirts, choose not purely cotton, but with an admixture of synthetics. The skin beneath them does not breathe so easily (which is bad), but after washing they will not need to be ironed (which is very good!).

Even crumpled before bedtime, in the morning they straighten themselves in five minutes, thanks to the warmth of your body. Well, if you are washing in an automatic machine, use all its advantages: turn on the drying centrifuge for a maximum of turns and heating – and you will never have to iron the shirts again.

But more often they have to buy … What can not but rejoice, because the process of acquiring new things – the essence is a positive phenomenon! 🙂

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