How to help tired eyes?

How to help tired eyes?

In folk medicine, not only the recipes for the treatment of ailments are full, but also various means for improving the work of the organism. Today – about ways of removal of an overstrain of eyes.

Long ago, folk women spun yarn and tired their eyes with this inhuman work, they used the right recipe, which they were bequeathed by their grandmothers, and for us it is just great-great-grandmothers.

First, you can put a lot of useful, weary stuff on tired eyes. For example, slices of raw potatoes, tea bags, or cotton swabs soaked with chamomile broth.

Secondly, there is a more radical method, which includes a whole gymnastics for the eyes. For its execution we need two pelvis. In one we pour water on the student, and in the second one boiled water, boiled, in other words, brought to a warm state. Here we dive into these basins.

And, first, we dive into the basin with warm water, where without cheating we count up to twenty-five, and only then we dip our face into the student’s room, where we also exercise in the count to twenty-five.

Later, when you are comfortable, you can try to open your eyes under water. This very useful procedure will refresh and strengthen the eyes externally and remove the lacrimal purulent fluid in the bags of the eyes.

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