How to grow a date palm?

How to grow a date palm?

You can grow a date palm tree each. This year, on the holiday of May 9, I with my students came up with and prepared original “green souvenirs” to veterans of the war. I bought several packages of wonderful tasty dates in the store. The guys for both cheeks, in a moment, destroyed all my purchases, not knowing what we have to do with the bones.

And we buried them, planting them vertically in deep clay pots with moist sand (you could also use an earthen mixture with a lot of sand or even sawdust, but in this case you need to take care of good drainage). The pots stood at a temperature of about 25 ° C. We had to wait quite a long time, for three months.

And, finally, small burrs of palm trees appeared on the surface. After that, we transplanted them into a mixture of turf, leaf land, humus, peat land and sand (2: 2: 4: 1: 2), adding a little more crushed charcoal. When the first sheet appeared, we transplanted the young plants into larger pots (about 8 cm in diameter) and put them in a bright place (but not in the open sun). In winter, when the palm trees entered a period of relative dormancy, we began to water them less often, preventing the drying of the earthy coma. In the early spring, the young plant was transplanted into new ornate pots – about 11 cm in diameter. And on May 9, on the Victory Day holiday, the boys gladly handed each veteran a palm with words of gratitude for their life and Victory. And also, with the hope that our “green gifts” will please them every day. Positive emotions that day received everything.

And I still listen with great pleasure to the detailed reports on the health of our green pets. I give advice on the time and methods of transplantation, fertilizing, watering and leaving.

For further transplantation, a mixture widely used in all stores – “Land for palm trees” – can be used. When transplanting, the top layer of the earth should be removed and filled with fresh. Planting of palm trees should be dense. Irrigation regime: in summer abundant, it is better to warm water (up to 30 degrees). In the winter – moderate. If the room is hot and the air is dry, spraying is helpful. In summer, water every day, in winter – as the land dries up.

But the date palm tree did not immediately become an indoor plant. These excavations testify to the worship of the ancient peoples of the palm tree 10 centuries ago. The ancient Greeks sent messengers with a palm branch for notification of victory. In ancient Egypt, they served as the first calendars: within a month, one old leaf withers away from the palm tree and a new one appears. In India, on the leaves of palm trees, sacred books were written, scratched the letters with an iron needle. The date palm was the emblem of ancient India. Her image was minted on medals and coins, her name was called the city: Jericho is a city of palms. The name of the date palm in Latin is dactylifer, literally: the fingers are bearing. Fingers are dates.

The word “phoenix”, apparently dates back to the legendary bird with a female head, who lived in ancient Egypt. Feeling the approach of death, she burned herself, but reborn again from the ashes even more young and beautiful. So is the palm tree. From the dead, hot sand of the desert grows a slender beauty. He lives 150-200 years, then withers, but new palms grow from her seed and roots.

For Arabs, desert inhabitants, date palm trees have been their lives, their joy for many centuries: they saved people from the sun’s rays, protected streams and ponds from drying out and sand deposition. Beams, poles, doors in the hut are made from the trunks of the date palm, the roofs are covered with its leaves.

Now rope, rope, mats, sacks, baskets are made of sheet veins and bark fibers. The apical buds and flower wrappers, the so-called “palm cabbage,” go into food. They ferment and get “palm cheese”. A special delicacy is the core of young date palms, which has a taste of almonds. This delicacy is very expensive, because the removal of the core causes the palm to die.

Inflorescences and stems give off sweet juice (up to 3 liters per day), from which sugar and palm wine are made. But dates are of the greatest value. They are eaten fresh, dried and cooked. Of these, barley flour is baked. From the juice of fresh dates make honey. Fried and milled bones of dates replace coffee. The dates of Arabs are fed by camels and horses. The date palms in Africa support the existence of entire peoples.

After reading the facts about the date palm, I hope you will definitely want to grow it yourself. Dare! Experts say that this is one of the most hardy and unpretentious plants. Good luck to you!

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