How to get rid of excess moisture. Dehydrate … the car.

How to get rid of excess moisture. Dehydrate … the car.

In the cold season, it is often necessary to face the problem of poor visibility. Not only that from the outside on the glass fly dirt, salt, splashes from under the foreign wheels, so from the inside they still manage to fog. Especially in the mornings. To get rid of this interference, you just need to learn how to use ventilation properly. Today we will talk about this.

Here, say, you opened the car in the morning, started the engine – and immediately turn on the heating of the rear window. Then cut the heating and ventilation system to full capacity and direct the air flows to the front and side windows.
By the way, while the salon is warmed up and ventilated in this way, it’s best for you to be outside the car: take a shower near it, get some fresh frosty air. For if you at this time will be inside your luxury vehicle, the exhaled moist air will only interfere with the operation of the system.
And to speed up the process of airing and drying the interior, the recirculation key (sure that it is, of course, in your car), cut off access to the outside air. Then the cabin will warm up more quickly (when you set off, do not forget to switch the key again to the external air supply, otherwise the windows in the car will again become misted up because of the exhaled air, and you will soon find it difficult to breathe).

Well, the last tip. Since one of the main causes of fogging is the presence of excess moisture in the air, try to shake shoes and clothes from snow or rain drops as thoroughly as possible, and not less than a day before planting, eat nothing but crackers and biscuits . Remember: in a dry salon and breathe easier, and it seems better.

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