How to get home, or aza hitchhiking

How to get home, or aza hitchhiking

Many of you probably believe that this kind of movement, like hitchhiking, can only be seen in freedom-loving films about America and Britain in the 60’s. But they are profoundly mistaken – riding on the “hitchhiking” in Russia existed long before the car, at a time when carts harnessed by horses were traveling along Russian roads. A stretched right hand with a raised thumb at all times and in all languages ​​of the world means that its owner wants to be brought up.

Hitchhiking, or in the English version – “hit-hiking”, you can go to the sea and make a round-the-world trip. But we will consider a simpler situation: you got out on a day off from the city or look at the sights of a beautiful town in the neighboring region, it’s time to go home, and then you found that you suddenly ran out of money or the last train left you. In that case, it’s time to go to the track.

First of all, the route should certainly lead to your city, so you need to navigate at least on the road signs, or ask someone in which direction to go if you do not have a map or atlas. Otherwise, it will be very disappointing after an hour’s waiting, finally, to muzzle the car and discover that all this time you were standing on the other side of the road.

It is important to choose the right place for hitchhiking. The place to stop in the first place should be convenient for the driver. Therefore, you should choose places where you can clearly see where there is a wide roadside, and where cars move with not too high speed. Ideally suitable sections of the road immediately after the traffic police post, at the exit from settlements and at the top of the rises.

Immediately I will say that it is faster to travel by hitchhiking alone, but it is better for representatives of the beautiful half of mankind to go with a guy or, at worst, with another girl for safety reasons. More than two, the number of people, as a rule, it is very difficult to leave at the same time, so a big company is better to break into pairs, and scatter along the route.

Do not hitchhike if it’s already dark, and you do not have reflective stripes on clothes. In the dark, it is very difficult for the driver to see a man on the roadside until he comes almost right, so being on the track in ordinary clothes at this time is just dangerous.

Drivers, as a rule, stop out of curiosity or out of a desire to disperse boredom or sleep with lively conversation. Drive all – and drivers of large trucks, and private traders in cars. If the car stopped, you need to quickly come up, open the right door and ask for a lift to the place you need. It happens that the driver does not go all the way, anyway, it makes sense to go with him, and then continue on the road with the other. Perhaps he will offer to take you to a more convenient place for hitchhiking – do not give up. At the same time, you should avoid entering cities, as then you will have to spend a lot of time to get back on the track. If the city has a bypass, it is better to ask to land at its beginning.

And now, you finally got lucky, and you’re in the car. You can relax, sit back, but it is not recommended to sleep. The driver who put you in his car, most likely, expects an interesting conversation, and the very first will get the conversation. If this does not happen, it does not matter. Some drivers take fellow travelers for some of their internal motives, perceiving hitchhikers as a kind of guardian angels. In this case, do not insist on communication, but just temporarily take on this role, be with the driver, look at the road, but do not sleep.

Hitchhiking is an initially free mode of movement, the driving forces of which are the desire to help and the need for ordinary human communication. Therefore, giving the driver money at the end of the trip, or not (if you have one) is at your discretion. Truckers on a twenty-ton wagon from the money, most likely, will brush it off, and a summer resident on the “Zhiguli” will be pleased with the increase in gasoline.In the event that the driver wants to make money for you, he will talk about money even when landing.

And finally I will say that success in a hitchhiking depends on many factors: from the route, the intensity of the traffic flow, the time of the year and the day, the weather, your mood and another thousand reasons. There is always an element of luck – you can leave on the first car, and you can stand for two hours and then leave with nothing. But in any case, I advise you not to lose your spirit and comfort yourself with the thought that your machine has already left for you.

Rough trails!

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