How to get acquainted with a good girl using the Internet?

How to get acquainted with a good girl using the Internet?

In the last issue, we touched on the topic of dating via the Internet, talked a little about how to introduce ourselves to a virtual interlocutor (interlocutor) in the best light. Today we try to talk about the opposite and tell you about the two most popular images that are chosen for themselves living in the network of the fair sex. And, of course, how, with due diligence, you can turn features of these images to your advantage.

So: “The girl-pripevochka.” External signs of this type: the abundance of spelling errors organically combines with the habit of not adding words. These shortcomings fill a painful predilection for capital letters and exclamation marks. She is sure that the classics of cinema are “Titanic”, and the musical classics are Philip Kirkorov. She believes that in her early youth she experienced a deep personal tragedy. On closer inspection, it turns out that under the tragedy, the breakup of the group “Spice Girls” is meant.

You can take care of this creation of nature so – to promise to get an email address of Leonardo di Caprio. If later you tell her that for reasons of high secrecy you will not be able to transfer it to her by ICQ, but prefer to report in person – a meeting is secured. If the address turns out to be real – it can be considered a guaranteed and successful beginning, at least, of a friendly relationship.

There are, of course, and their pitfalls, for example, you do not really think that she installed Netscape on her computer? For sure, in the neighborhood there is some technically competent boyfriend. And it’s good if he is a student of the biophagous Moscow State University, who has been working all day in the laboratory. And if he is a master of sports in boxing, everywhere accompanying it for greater safety? Your first date in this case will be somewhat overshadowed.

The second type commonly found on the Internet will be called “Poetess by the grace of God.” The external signs are as follows: he speaks in verse. Naturally, they also write. He calls his grafomanic attempts “My Creativity”. I am sure that no one will ever fully understand her exalted soul (while not forgetting to pour it out to everyone and everyone). Including available somewhere on the periphery of her life to her husband or a constant boyfriend, whose main task is to maintain a home page with “My Creativity.”

You can take care of this here: just one time to say something in private: “Do you remember how well Akhmatova said …” – and then give out a quatrain. After that, she is your forever.
Pitfalls are as follows: after receiving the honorary title of her constant boyfriend, you get the honorable duty to maintain a page with her Female Creativity in working order. Do you want it?

The issue is prepared according to the texts found on the forum. Unfortunately, traces of authorship have not been found.

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