How to get acquainted, or trifles when you meet does not happen!

How to get acquainted, or trifles when you meet does not happen!

Everyone knows that there is a left-hand traffic and the law of interference on the right, but few people know that there is a left-side frame. We’ll start with him today. At the first acquaintance we are advised to approach the girl on the left. The left side is subconsciously associated with a person with the past, the right side with the future. The person on the left turns out to be “a little familiar”.

Another, no less effective method of positive intrusion into the personal space of another person is called “caring touch”. It’s very simple. Walking along the street, under a plausible pretext, start moving along with the interlocutor of the road. Thus the object should be on the left, so that the girl, looking at you, looked to the right and did not see the cars going to the left.

при Before going out to the roadway, slow down the conversationalist, carried away by the conversation, by prohibiting the movement of the left hand in the area, say the abdomen (do not overdo it!). As though the barrier is lowered, protecting it from the cars flying on the left, which the girl does not see, as she looks at you and which, in truth, does not fly at all. That’s all. And she somewhere in the depths will be postponed: “he defends me, I mean something to him.”

Well, the last method for today is called “trimming”. He is actively used by scouts to recruit agents. For example, you decided to adjust to the girl in the museum. She, stupid, stands and with knowledge looks, let’s say, the picture. And suddenly yours does not come to anyone with an exclamation about this painting: “And here it’s the same! No, Rembrandt positively does not succeed in portraits! “If the girl is hooked (and it should be hooked, since she is standing and looks at this damned portrait for three minutes), she will speak to you first. You will only have to throw dervish in the fire of her emotions. Just remember the basic rule of the tourist: firewood should not be too much, otherwise they will crush the flame.

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