How to fix the christening? Part two, festive

How to fix the christening? Part two, festive

So, the baby is baptized! It’s time for a merry family celebration. How it will be depends on your imagination; here are a few ideas.

According to the ancient Russian tradition, christenings are a great home feast. His main treat is a baptismal porridge, generously dressed with milk, butter, sugar, decorated with halves of boiled eggs. Even in this dish, a chicken or rooster was baked, depending on who was born: a girl or a boy. Grains of porridge symbolize fertility, large families; milk “promises” the mother to well feed the baby. But for the young father they were preparing another porridge – very spicy and salty, with mustard and horseradish, so that Papa could at least partially imagine the hardships of the wife that gave birth to the baby. Children were handed out nuts, cookies and gingerbread, all kinds of buns, pretzels – the so-called “babkin pies”. In general, in all Orthodox countries, christeners are called more children; child is a holiday.

At christenings, as well as at a wedding, it is good to invite guests in writing: for example, a beautiful postcard in an envelope. The invitation should specify where you call the guest: to the church or only to the “banquet”.

In Europe, as a rule, each of the guests at the christening is presented with charming bonbonniere – small boxes or pouches with white dragees. Custom is not Russian, but cute and very refined. If there is inspiration, such bonbonniere is easy to make by yourself.

To do this you will need a large white (although it is possible and other colors, but light) dragees, white tulle and a thin ribbon of any color. Carefully cut out from the tulle circles with a diameter of about 20 cm – as many circles as the guests are expected. In the center of each circle we put 5-7 sweeteners and beautifully tie ribbon, like a normal bag. So the baptismal souvenir is ready!

However, you can make it even more beautiful, if you fantasize: for example, tie a bag with two ribbons of different colors, glue a small artificial flower or rhinoceros to the center of the bow. If the dragees are not put in the middle, but closer to the edge of the tulle blank and so tied, then the bag will come out with elegant fan folds. You can wrap the candy in a beautiful gift paper. In general, shapes and materials can be very different. Ready-made bonbonniere usually put in a basket; it is also good to decorate with white ribbons and flowers. Simple, elegant and fabulous!

In principle, christening can be a very crowded holiday, like a wedding – like the likes of, for example, the Orthodox Greece and Georgia. However, many people, in order not to drown out the quiet and deep grandeur of the sacrament (and not to disturb the baby), prefer not to make a noisy feast. In this case, to treat loved ones, you can prepare only a sweet table. It is very good to serve a smart cake covered with white cream or sugar icing. By the way, in the design of the christening table, white color should dominate.

As for gifts for christenings, there are also traditions for them. As a rule, the godmother gives the child a blanket and a christening dress, and the godfather – a cross with a chain. And, by definition, it is the recipients who give the godson his first Bible. The guests can give anything, they do not. Do not forget about a small gift for the mother of the originator of the celebration. Well, about the flowers, of course.

What comes to this day in the life of a child is great, light and holy. We will meet with love!

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