How to feed a stubborn child with vitamins?

How to feed a stubborn child with vitamins?

He prefers an apple to an apple. Watermelon instantly exchanges for a plate of vermicelli. It will be fun to crackle cracker, but the offer to crackle the cucumber curls and convincingly depicts disgust. Oranges should not be offered at all.

And how to shove vitamins into this baby?

It’s good, if the chudushko according to the beautiful colored vitamins from the box. It’s even better if he does not have allergies to these vitamins. And if they do not agree or go red with speckles? And all the long winter, and spring, and summer, and autumn will pale and wither without the precious vitamins, so necessary for some reason still continuing to grow the body. A nightmare of a mother!

When my daughter began to work hard on the above scheme – to give up vegetables and fruits and blossom all shades of red from vitamins – I asked why, in fact, she does not want to eat such delicious apples, bananas, watermelons and other tasty things. The answer was, to put it mildly, strange. “It’s not interesting,” said her daughter. “You chew, you chew, but it does not end …”

Well, it’s not interesting? Let’s make you wonder.

For a start, I began to give the daughter fruit slices. A dish with one slice of apple. A ring of banana. A stitch of carrots. Such a piece is eaten before the child has time to remember about “uninteresting.” And it’s not serious to somehow lead the discussions over a completely puppet portion.

And remember, as a child, we sprouted onions onions? Now such children’s entertainment is forgotten by many, but in vain. To pour water, watch for the green arrows slowly climbing out into the light, and then eat your own grown harvest – what could be more interesting!

But since you will not eat one onion – and not everyone likes the burning taste – we developed this idea in a slightly different way. On the window-sill in the kitchen there were pots and boxes with earth. Two weeks of impatient “well, when, when?” – and in the plates germinated a variety of vitamin herbs – several varieties of parsley, salad, basil. A little more time, and the child, finally granted the desired right to enjoy the gifts of the window sill, began to graze regularly near the mini-garden, eating green bushes and treating others.

Note: to grow vitamin herbs in the kitchen is not difficult, and if you also pick pots beautiful, the garden will not only benefit, but also aesthetic pleasure. Actually, it’s just the case – scatter the seeds on the surface of the earth layer, lightly powder on top of the earth, and know to water and wait for the harvest. If you want to get a crop as soon as possible, some seeds – in particular parsley – can be soaked before planting. This will speed things up for about a week.

And finally, this season’s hit on our window garden – strawberries. Yes, yes, this strawberry is a special balcony variety. Beautiful tasty berries for some reason do not cause at all my children neither disgust, nor an allergy – these inevitable companions of the purchased strawberries and strawberries. Maybe it’s because it’s sweeter?

Ahead of autumn and winter. We have already planted greens for food, flowers for pleasure and even lavender for children to sleep better. My kapuzy joyfully watered our little booths and willingly graze at the foot fodder.

Yes, and the times of one slice of apple under the noise are a thing of the past …

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