How to eat right, or Food myths around us

How to eat right, or Food myths around us

Today we will talk about myths. But not about those that we diligently studied in school years, but about those who live and thrive in our daily lives.

After the myth about the dangers of masturbation (ladies, sorry!), The legends about tasty and healthy food are probably the most popular.
Girls are trying to build themselves a bust, crunching cabbage and bread crusts, men want to get past fervor, eating bananas, at the same time pouring in their children liters of kefir for the longevity of the latter. And everyone chews carrots all the way to improve vision.
And there is no end or edge to these wonderful legends. Of course, not all of them are fiction, but many products are attributed extremely hypertrophied, and sometimes non-existent properties.

Here, for example, the myth of eggs. What does he tell us about? It turns out, about nothing else, like that eggs are the most useful product of all times and peoples. Well, in a sense, there really is a benefit. For example, if you drink it raw, pulling directly from under the chickens. But God forbid to eat them in large quantities, it is safer, probably, to eat at once the packing of margarine, after all, that, and that – solid cholesterol!

Another myth tells about sweets, from the use of which, allegedly, holes appear in the teeth. Nothing like this. Just sweets, unlike eggs, you can eat in any amount. The fact is that treacherous holes in the teeth are formed from food residues, which get stuck in the teeth and between them. And most of the chocolate – marmalade does not leave such traces. The danger is hidden, in fact, in all sorts of cookies, nuts and dried fruits, after eating, you really should rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and chew a good portion yourself, you know what’s without sugar.

Well, finally, the last one for today is a myth. It is like that – watermelons improve memory. Even it’s hard to imagine how such nonsense could come to mind. The only thing they can improve memory is the location of the places where the kings walk.

In a word, if desired, in every natural product you can find a lot of useful (as harmful) qualities for health, but none of these products is magic and does not have fabulous properties.

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