How to dress properly and stylishly, or

How to dress properly and stylishly, or

We continue our image-making research. And today we will turn our inquiring eye to our dusty closet to judge what, in terms of image maker, is subject to storage in this cabinet.

In this regard, image-makers and stylists adhere to the following point of view. First, they say, your wardrobe should include a gray suit. This costume is necessary for us to wear it when appearing in the field, for an important meeting, for speaking on television and for other appearances. The second costume, they advise, should be dark blue.

A little to the left on two separate hangers, two pairs of trousers (for young ladies and Scots – skirts) should hang. These trousers should be gray – and one of the pairs should be light and the other dark. This, they say, because the listed items perfectly match with each other and help you out in any situations. Well, it remains to add a tweed jacket of muffled tones for less formal events, and our wardrobe is completed.

Now some tricks concerning our collar. The shape of the collar is very important, as it delineates the lower part of the face and neck. If we do not have the most beautiful (not swan, let’s say) neck, we should prefer high collars, which to some extent hide her defects. And it is absolutely unacceptable with such an unreliable neck to wear a tight collar. He is not only uncomfortable, but gives the impression that our neck is thicker than it really is. Which, of course, can not suit us.

Well, the last detail, which we will look at today, will be called “handkerchiefs.” It’s no secret that many people like to put silk or cotton handkerchiefs in the breast pocket of a jacket. It can look chic and fashionable, and maybe – cheap and vulgar. Therefore, one simple rule should be kept in mind: a shawl in a breast pocket should in no case be bright or light, otherwise it will distract attention from the face. The scarf should be chosen in such a way that it ideally suited to a suit and a tie, besides it should be accurately combined and not too hanging outside.

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