How to dress for an interview with the employer?

How to dress for an interview with the employer?

Well, hello, my dear motorists, housewives and, I’m not afraid of this word, truck farmers. Look at yourself in the mirror (you can even rear view), and honestly, without a twisting of your soul, answer yourself to the question: do you know what the … teapot is? Alas, alas! You do not know! A teapot, my darlings, is a style of life where each of us is in some way a teapot. And therefore each of us will not be prevented from knowing a couple of other worldly tricks, so that from a modest teapot to finally become a solid dock.

Between us, teapots, I want to inform you that starting from this moment, you will be able to receive a portion of completely free everyday tricks, with the assistance of your humble servant.

Today’s simple tricks we will devote to the topic of unemployed teapots.

Teapot’s trick: As they say, there is a merchant for every commodity, and there is an employer for every unemployed person. And if you are preparing for a crucial interview for you with the above-mentioned employer, then the first thing you should think about is your appearance. And therefore we will talk about clothes. According to social psychologists, the most preferable style of clothing when working for a job is the so-called. conservative style. First of all, we will pay attention to color.

Speaking generally, all shades of brown and earthy colors will suit the business – they will create an image of a respectable and confident person, gray will make you unremarkable, cause a neutral attitude, blue will have a calming effect, well, and black will arrange your interlocutor to official receptions and business conversations.

Conservative style in women’s clothing implies: a strict, tailored suit, ie jacket and straight skirt. At present, it is considered a special glamor to wear it without a blouse. Regardless of the temperature of the air, you should have thin stockings or pantyhose and elegant classic shoes on your legs, with a must-be closed toe. The handbag should be small and preferably not economical.

For men: on the first date with the boss it is recommended to wear a strict suit – two or three, in the hands to keep a leather briefcase or folder and have a short, neat haircut. As for the shirts, then certainly the favorite among conservative shirts will be a 100% cotton, white shirt, well, and if you get an Eco color shirt – the color of unbleached cloth, then consider that the success of the interview is already predetermined.

Having obtained a shirt, with the grace of an English spinner, we weave a tie into the collar of that shirt. Speaking of neckties. If you think that a tie that hangs at the knee level adds to your charm and dignity, then you are mistaken, because it’s a good tone when the tie ends in the area of ​​the trouser belt. And the higher the man, the wider his tie should be.

And God forbid you, especially for men, to wear expensive jewelry. And in general, in pursuit of conservatism, avoid all that is associated with the word “too”. If you really want to, then you can limit yourself to a ring, a bracelet, or an expensive pen.

And most importantly, remember that an impeccable combination of costume, hairstyle, accessories, not multiplied by the elegant ease with which you know how to wear it all – are worthless.

About other tricks for unemployed teapots, we’ll talk at our next meetings, but for now – good luck and do not boil in vain.

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