How to determine your temperament, or If you have a “triangle” name – strengthen your business!

How to determine your temperament, or If you have a “triangle” name – strengthen your business!

The Polish proverb says that a good opinion of yourself is half the happiness. Having understood the wisdom of the people, we will try to make a good opinion of ourselves.

Quickly, without hesitation, choose one of the five proposed figures (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, zigzag) one that you liked best. And now … listen to the characteristics of people who chose this or that figure.

So, the square. He corresponds to such qualities as diligence, diligence, the need to bring the case to the end, the persistence that allows to achieve the completion of work – that’s what the true Squares are famous for. The square loves the once and for all established order: everything must be in its place and occur in its time. The ideal of the Square is a planned, predictable life, he does not like “surprises” and changes in the usual course of events.

Rectangle. This is a temporary form of personality that other stable figures can wear at certain periods of life. They are people who are not satisfied with the way they live now, and therefore are engaged in the search for a better position. Therefore, the leading qualities of the rectangle – curiosity, inquisitiveness, a keen interest in everything that happens. And – courage.

Triangle. This form symbolizes leadership. The most characteristic feature of this Triangle is the ability to concentrate on the main goal. Triangles are energetic, irresistible, strong individuals who set clear goals, and, as a rule, achieve them.

Circle. The most benevolent of the five figures. He has a high sensitivity, the ability to empathize, sympathize, emotionally respond to the experiences of another person. The circle feels someone else’s joy and feels someone else’s pain as their own. He is happy when everyone gets along with each other.

Well, finally, Zigzag. A figure that symbolizes creativity. The combination of completely different, dissimilar ideas and the creation on this basis of something new, original – that’s what Zigzagam likes. And because Zigzag – the most enthusiastic, most excitable of all five figures.

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