How to defeat the disease with the help of animals?

How to defeat the disease with the help of animals?

Today, few doctors will doubt the effectiveness of treatment with animals (anemotherapy). Every pet, if the owner really loves it, can alleviate the condition of the patient, and sometimes even completely eliminate the symptoms of his “elder brother” disease.

The only thing that people need to remember: other animals for anemotherapy are not good – you must be emotionally connected with the animal, understand each other, then the result of communication will pleasantly surprise you.

So, the dog. Atherosclerosis, overweight, stress, heart disease and blood circulation, rheumatism can leave you alone if at least half an hour twice a day walk your pet (and at the same time move and breathe fresh air). And the dog can also be an excellent warmer, which also “delays” the pain with radiculitis and osteochondrosis. The saliva of the dog contains lysozyme, which protects against bacteria and helps to heal wounds.

A cat can also be an excellent warmer, making it easier for arthritis and inflammation of the appendages. Stroking a cat on the fur helps soothe nerves, lowers blood pressure and normalizes the pulse, and also removes stress so well that it can alleviate the “breaking” of alcoholics and drug addicts. Cats perfectly act on the psyche of children, save capricious children from concentration on oneself, the main thing is to communicate as often as possible.

Birds (parrot, canary and others) help with migraines, improve the mood of the owners. Communication with birds is useful for people who are forced to lie in bed, suffering from depression.

Rabbits, hamsters, mice and other “quadrupeds” facilitate the condition of joint diseases, help closed and insecure people to overcome the fear of communication, for example, children in conflict situations in school.

A horse can be a doctor for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, atherosclerosis, craniocerebral trauma, prostatitis, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, scoliosis, poliomyelitis, mental retardation. Communication with the horse helps to cope with the consequences of strokes, reduces hyperactivity and painful excitability.

During riding, a person swings in three directions: left-right, forward-backward, up-down. It develops mobility, a sense of balance, improves coordination of movements. The improvement is guaranteed, even if riding is not less than one hour per week.

Scientists have long been convinced that a well-kept aquarium with aquatic inhabitants in the house guarantees its owner mental health and joy. The master of fish raises the intellectual level, the person makes fewer serious mistakes in life, aspires to spend more time with his family.

Fish relieve the condition for colds, asthma, neuroses, insomnia, neurodermatitis. Only the fish of the fish are different: probably, it is not necessary to start a shark or piranhas, but instead of treatment one can get injuries. However, someone like that …

Communication with tame dolphins helps those with autism. Dolphins have a beneficial effect on people suffering from severe depression. Many researchers believe that they have a special therapeutic effect on the mind and mental state of a person. Contact with dolphins has a powerful emotional impact on some mentally ill, swimming with these animals increases their tone much more effectively than any antidepressant.

Many American prisons have a program of active therapy with the help of pets, during which aggressive and unbalanced prisoners can contact different animals. Animals give prisoners the opportunity to communicate without fear, to show their affection and potentially laid desire to take care of someone without fear that they will reject you. Caring for a weak creature, which is completely dependent on them, trusts them, the prisoners gain some purpose in life. It also often awakens a sense of self-worth, which is not given by any therapy.

So, maybe we should not wait for special life circumstances and today, with love, take care of our smaller brothers ?!

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