How to deal with the early development of your child?

How to deal with the early development of your child?

Every mother wants her children to grow up smart and healthy. But how to do that? I started looking for the answer to this question before the birth of my first child. She watched as other mothers do, read a lot of literature. Today I would like to share my experience and tell what my children like and what they have achieved.

When the kid learns to keep the head, do everyday excursions around the house. Holding the baby in your arms, point at the objects and say how they are called. Show where the cot, closet, wall, ceiling , etc. is located. Along the entire children’s room, hang on the wall the multicolored letters of the alphabet and also tell him where the letter is. I assure you, along with the first words, the kid will surprise with his knowledge of the alphabet. When in 1.5 years you will walk with him, he will tell you what letters are written on the shops, posters … It’s so cool !!!

When a child tears a paper and crumples it, it calms well and also develops motor skills. And to make it interesting, you can play. Take the old magazine (an unnecessary catalog), let the child break it into separate leaves, then crumple the leaves. The game begins! Simultaneously push the lumps to each other, when they collide, the child just laughs. You can also play with paper “in snowballs”.

Now a lot of prescriptions are sold, but until the end I was not satisfied with one. Taking the usual notebook in a box, I began to do the exercises myself to my children. For a two-year-old, I suggested that you draw a line from one point to another, explaining that you need to draw a path from one person to another. Then I drew the points in the form of a circle. She told me that it was the children who stood in a circle and it was necessary that they join hands. The child connects the points, and now the round dance has turned out.
When the child mastered the skills of connecting points, we began writing straight lines, wavy lines on points … Then geometric figures, sticks with slopes, numbers, letters already went. Of course, the prescriptions with numbers and letters must be different so that the child knows where to count and where to read. I recommend for the efforts of the child in the fields instead of estimates, glue stickers with the characters of your favorite cartoons. Children from these pictures are delighted and ready to do homework every day.

We also have reading instructions. It is written by my four-year-old daughter. In the upper right corner I glue a picture cut from old magazines. For example, I cut out a woman and told my daughter – it’s my mother. And in the column on this sheet I write with the dots the word MAMA. Then the child turns around MAMA several times, while remembering how to spell the word correctly. And in the future, opening the list and seeing the picture, he knows exactly what is written on this page. Begin with simple words, then complicate the words. On one page one picture and one and the same word, written in a column!

Gradually the child can independently reproduce these words without peeping, as they are written and naturally, read them. Then these words are recognized in books, a little more, and now we are already reading it ourselves!

Begin early, and you will not have difficulty developing a child’s writing and reading skills.

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