How to deal with the budget deficit? Practical recommendations

How to deal with the budget deficit? Practical recommendations

The complainants are bloody. No bottom to them … Previously, first in Gorzdrav, Gortop or the same GORONO wrote. Only then – in the Executive Committee. After him – in Gorkom. And so that the Secretary-General write … And in my thoughts this was not! And now?! A bit to the President. Help, Father dear …

Here, the next one was sent. From the Commissioner for Human Rights. And that it … From the Presidential Administration has received! And Chief Gorfo on the meeting at the Head also got out. His spoon of honey in our direction is thrown. The budget, they say, must be replenished. And then a week’s salary. Do you think they are supposed to receive it?

Get ready, Inga! Where, where … To Kudykina mountain. Let’s go, we’ll draw up an act, we’ll write out a fine. ” Replenish the budget. True, for this article and a fine … Funny money. At the shop to go. Yes, these co-workers will be fined. Or the dogs. They’ll make out, you see, in the apartment … Look, this, to which the complaint has come, 50 animals in the apartment. Fifty. You imagine?! In one night. And for such mockery of neighbors – five hundred rubles. A maximum of one thousand.

Slobodchikov … Slobodchikov. Vladimir Nikolayevich. Do not remember the name? He was not involved with us before? What, was, you say, such a name? Do you remember exactly? Well, then we’ll break it to the fullest. By the very tonsils … My would be, I would have these koshatnikov … Or dog-owners. One hundred and first kilometer. Without the right to correspond!

For a thousand, I say, we’ll fine! We’ll give it to the fullest. We will do our best to eliminate the budget deficit. Have you printed out the forms? Act, protocol …

Not repeated, you say? Was he writing a complaint?

Yeah, on the neighbors. They say, they lead an extremely disorderly way of life. Consume. Alcohol-containing non-certified liquid. Do not follow the order. As in your apartment, and in public places. Why on the staircase there is a constant unpleasant smell …

Sly, cunning this Slobodchikov. He knows that the best defense is an attack. Advantageously wrote. To give away suspicions. “Smells.” “Unpleasant.” From his own cats. Or dogs.

What? Confirmed the complaint? And what in the act of verification reflected? Neighbors on the site … Do not work. Abuse. Carry all that no getting from the dump. At the entrance smell. Specialists of Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Deztsentr” came into the apartment with gas masks. The cockroaches were dragged and taken out by a given dump truck committee.

What is the address of this Slobodchikov? The park? And the house? Everything, Inga, have arrived. Stop, Slavik, stop at that entrance.

* * *

Fu-uu … And vonisch-schA … Something they have in the entrance! How to drink – from the dogs of this Slobodchikov. Or cats.

What, Inga? Garbage last week is not taken out? Rates? At the old prices for gasoline claimed? So at the end of the month and not enough? What today? Well, in three days they’ll take it out. Oh, and do not wait a couple of days! Immediately – a complaint. Directly to the President …

So they came. The elevator … The dead … The Housing and Utilities Committee is not working, and we are because of them … What kind of apartment is this Slobodchikov? The Jekehovites do not work, and we are due to stamp them on the third floor with a pedestrian.

* * *

Slobodchikov? Vladimir Nikolayevich?

Burentsov. Mikhail Stepanovich. Chairman of the Administrative Commission. Usachev. Inga. Member. Member of the commission.

Signal, Vladimir Nikolayevich, entered. What’s in your apartment … In a one-room apartment on an area of ​​38.5 square meters – 50 animals. Fifty heads!

What? Not only goals? But also the tails? Do not you deny? It’s strange … Usually in such a situation, the owners quickly downplay all the richness of the animal world, located in a limited area … Pay attention – the living area! Residential. That is intended for living. And not for breeding-breeding. What? Soon there will be an offspring? At someone? Ancistrus? And this is that breed? Smooth-haired? Or tailless? Tails still there? And wool? No? But this is not an excuse! At someone from neighbors, can, not on a wool an allergy. To the smell.

You at least understand that it is not in the private sector … In an apartment block house you live. Nine floors. Five entrances.And you are here … Fifty. Fifty animals. Fifty heads. That’s right, and the tails. What, what? Plavnikov? Fifty fins? And if it’s with the abdominal and anal, then … What are the other abdominal ones? You, Vladimir Nikolayevich … Do not wind up, dear, a shadow behind the wattle fence. Let’s show in what conditions you keep your animals!

I see the temperature as normal. What else is PA? The level of acidity? And this is why? To every fish? What kind of fish? Ahhh … Here’s the aquarium? Aquarium. Aquarium … And what, are all fifty here? Yet?! Two? Two aquariums? For each fish is not less than seven liters? Forced aeration? Heated … A-aa …

These are the Ancistrus? Do they soon add? And this? Catfish? African?

No, no, I do not need a catalog. We already see it. Fishes feel good. In a habitual for themselves water-tropical environment. The temperature regime, I already felt – is normal. The volume of aquariums is sufficient. PAH – corresponds.

Do not. I already said – no need for a catalog. Brown discus? No, I do not have any objections to the brown disc, or to Inga Lvovna. Yes, and Chapter, I’m sure, too.

What tea, Vladimir Nikolaevich? Green? No no. Do you know how much work? .. How much work! In addition, we have a budget deficit. Thank you, thank you. But allow me to bow out. And to you – all of it. The main thing, do not be ill. And your fish – health. And for many years …

* * *

Which office? Slavik, do you even understand that we will all be, if we ignore the signal from the President’s Administration? We are fine, people are small. And the Head? Do you think that he will remain until the end of the term? Wait. At the time of flying …

Early. Early to the office. Let’s go to Farida Gayasovna. In the passport office. I’ll go to her, I’ll find out the passport details of this Slobodchikov. You, Inga, then you will enter them into the record, you will sign yourself. And here you are. Five hundred rubles. Go to Sberbank, pay, as if from Slobodchikov …

Inga … If we are deprived of the prize for the loss of vigilance, how much will we lose? It is better to sacrifice small, but to save more. You will pay …

But how does he know? Slavik, you would have seen this botanist! Professor, take off your sunglasses-bicycles. Yes, he is apart from his fish … Tropical … He except his fish and does not see anyone. All his students have the same face. We know, swam. Forty years, and one in one. In a panel house. Of which garbage is not taken out for weeks. With alcoholic neighbors. How does he know about the fine? Where from ?!

But you, Inga, do not drive this protocol into the administrative base. And the Commissioner for Human Rights will write off that, as they say, so and so. The signal is checked. The facts were confirmed. Really 50 goals. Measures taken.

Heads are beheaded. The intruder is rendered harmless. Measures of social and administrative influence have been taken to him. Act and protocol – you will remove copies, attach. In view of the fact that he had not previously been involved … And also given the difficult financial situation of the employee of the budgetary sphere, his scientific merit … In general, they limited themselves to the minimum fine.

Since the receipt is also a copy, take it off. Bring it to Gorfo. Let them know who is bringing the money in their beaks. Who, you can say, closes the budget deficit with his own breast. We are not Zhakahovites who only know – “give, give”. But here we are, take it. Straight on a silver platter. Let and without a golden kaemochki. But you do not even need to tear your ass from the chair. Yes, of course, it will not be much But! Wheaten on a grain …

Well, Slavik … What are we standing for? Let’s go to the passport office.

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