How to deal with telephone blackmail?

How to deal with telephone blackmail?

No one is immune from that black day when, picking up his phone, he will hear on the other end of the wire the angry-hissing voice of a telephone blackmailer or just a bully. That’s about these sizzling voices, or rather, about how to deal with them, and will be discussed in our today’s issue.

What is there to do? The main thing that needs to be done is to find out the identity that hid on the opposite end of the wire. And, having found out, to fix this fact in the police.

The most ideal case is if you have an automatic caller ID, but I dare think that you do not have any qualifier. And in this almost disarmed kind you will be helped by two phone tricks.

In the first case, if you are at home alone, then all you need to do is put the handset next to the device and go to your neighbors to call from them to the telephone exchange. Even if “your friend” throws a pipe during this time, the communication channel will last even more than an hour and the station will easily determine its number.

If there are two of you, the matter becomes even simpler. One tries as long as possible to keep the caller on the line. For this it is necessary, by typing more air, to try to keep coolness. The point is that almost the main task of the terrorist is the intention to intimidate the victim, so it is clear that the less you are intimidated and annoyed, the longer the conversation will last.

So, while one of you keeps the blackmailer on the line, the second carefully, tiptoed to neighbors and from them calls to the telephone exchange, and then to the police by phone 02. In this case there is a high probability that the caller will be detained even in the process of conversation.

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