How to deal with rodents, or End of a mouse ball

How to deal with rodents, or End of a mouse ball

All, as one, mobilize for war with domestic rodents. Namely – with mice and rats of all stripes. So, we begin military operations! ..

The vulnerable place of the enemy, his “Achilles heel”, one might say, consists in his extreme gluttony. Therefore, the first place in the tactics and strategy of mice is their persecution. Thus, the tactics are worked out, the decision is made – we will poison!

Warning! Pregnant women, children under 16 and activists of Greenpeace read on is not recommended! In other words, continuing reading this issue, you officially confirm that you are not a young pregnant activist of Greenpeace …

So, from all the methods of poisoning known to the human mind, it seems interesting to us: it is necessary to put dishes with quicklime, to which the malt is mixed and sugar, and next to another dish – with water. The rat eats lime (I still do not understand what it is that is pushing it), which stirs thirst, after which it greedily drinks water and exhales before it reaches its hole.

Another popular and more humane mechanism for fighting mice is called a “mousetrap.” But it should be said that this mechanism has one flaw. The fact is that after catching one or two mice rodents no longer go to it, even to the most tempting bait.

If we understand that the contents of a mousetrap seem even attractive to us, and the mice – at least that – do not eat … act symmetrically. In this case it is recommended to pass a mousetrap with boiling water, carefully to air it – and here the mice again go on the lure of the jambs!

Well, the last, perhaps, most diplomatic way of communicating with mice is called “borderline”. It consists in closing the border, so that no mouse without a special invitation can not enter the territory of our apartment.

To carry out such an exercise, we calculate the rat burrows and sprinkle a powder of calcium chloride around them, which the mice and rats can not stand. And we cover up the rat loopholes with cement with sand and pounded glass – such a putty rats can not gnaw and become, thus, not restricted.

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