How to deal with a hangover? After drinking moose milk, Polish Buffalo was in Las Vegas.

How to deal with a hangover? After drinking moose milk, Polish Buffalo was in Las Vegas.

After the joyous celebration of the New Year and the inevitable morning syndrome “after yesterday”, each of us has the full right to acquire freshness of face and clarity of thoughts. That is why, today, when the head is already starting to work, and the mirror is still showing someone else’s reflection, we want to share with you the saving ancient recipes, through which you can again achieve complete harmony with yourself and the world around you.

The first recommended recipe came down to us under the name “Polish Bison”. This terrible, vigorous mixture can save you not only from a hangover, but also from a strong cold, which lasted from last year.
To make a healing solution, you have to mix one teaspoon of bouillon extract (previously diluted in water) with a glass of vodka, add a few drops of lemon juice and a little pepper. Then it is extremely necessary to plug yourself with something with your ears, so as not to hear your own heartbreaking scream and – to drain a glass of magic potion. After a moment you are guaranteed to feel much more cheerful, perhaps you will even have the ability to speak Polish. Or, unexpectedly, the remarkable strength of the bison will appear (in extreme cases, the horse).

For recipe number two, you will need to mix three parts of tomato juice with two portions of cream, add a raw egg and a pinch of nutmeg. By combining these ingredients, do not rush to take the medication immediately. For some mysterious power in categorical tone will surely order you to add half a glass of beer to it. Fulfill this request and then you will get a wonderful alcoholic drink, elegantly called in the people of Las Vegas.

Well, the last potion that will certainly disperse the clouds of your gloomy morning, for some reason is called “Elk Milk”. Although the milk, which is part of its composition, has nothing to do with elk or even moose cows. On the contrary, the milk that we need, should be the most that neither is usual, that is cow.
However, being fairly corrected by four tablespoons of vodka, ΒΌ cup of granulated sugar, one tablespoon of fragrant water (prepared from orange tree blossoms) and six ice cubes, it is slowly, but surely, simply obliged to turn into a substance that can not be called differently than Milk Losiny.
I do not know which moose will be able to produce or at least use such a drink with profit. And only a man, brought to the extreme by the consequences of the holiday, is able to independently make and drink this magic mixture and, importantly, to feel amazing relief. Become this man!

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