How to count your money?

How to count your money?

“It’s a strange question,” you will say, “what is not clear here? We get the salary, we plan expenses and we spend on that and on it “.

This is exactly what our fellow citizens do. A family or personal budget is an uncomplicated business. You can imagine it in the form of a table with two columns: the left one – “arrival” and the right one – “expense”. And in the column “arrival”, as a rule, one item is included – salary, while the content of the column “expense” is more diverse – there our needs and desires are reflected, unfortunately, not all.

What about dreaming? More precisely, do not even dream, but just ask yourself and answer honestly (to yourself, what’s the point of lying): where would I prefer to spend a vacation – in the village or on the island of Malta? On what car would I like to drive – on second-hand “nine” or a new “Porsche”? What to buy on the eve of winter cold – sable fur coat or Chinese down jacket? I think that the answers can be guessed with a very high degree of probability.

However, the salary “does not allow”, and we pass by the smart showcases and tempting announcements. And we are sure that we are doing the right thing: “stretch out your legs according to your clothes”. Not today they composed – folk wisdom!

It is appropriate to recall Mikhail Zhvanetsky, who, as always, aptly formulated: “Old age is when the desire to earn comes to save the desire to save.” The classic, of course, based on his own experience: it is understood that he, at least before, the desire to earn was present.

But this can not be said about every person. Most of us thoughtlessly give their lives in the wrong hands. When we are small, parents know better how to act, and then the employer or the state determines what monthly income will provide us a happy life. And with this money we are trying to get the best of benefits. It turns out that people from childhood get straight into old age, bypassing the adult state. But what about maturity when we build our own well-being? And what does it look like, is this well-being?

If you think that you and no one else should answer for your life, then I suggest to approach the problem from the other side. In the Arrival and Expense table, fill first the right column, including everything there (indicating the required amounts), which will prompt your wild fantasy. Filled in? Wait to turn off the imagination, it will be required for the left column. That’s it, then it stalled, did not it? This is because we do not have the habit of managing our income. But if we do not know how to do this, can we expect that our welfare will ever improve? Do not expect the same, in fact, to raise wages in the next quarter. Even if it is increased, our requests are still much greater.

I have one friend who said twenty years ago: “Saving and I are incompatible.” Her soul demanded an “indiscreet” way of life – theaters and concerts, exotic fruits (which in those years were rare) and travel around the city exclusively by taxi. And she did not try to reason with herself, but she was looking for ways to satisfy her desires. Then she sewed and knitted to order, and later, when the opportunity appeared, took up another, also good and useful, business. Now she has her own real estate company.

I know another example. The girl, who is not yet thirty, gets up in the morning to go to the district dental clinic and together with the old women take turns to get a free number to the doctor.

These are two diametrically opposed philosophies. It turns out that old age, as Zhvanetsky defines it, is not very connected with age. Naturally, “everyone chooses for themselves.” But if we try to destroy our stereotypical ideas about money, it will be a revolution from the head to the feet, that is, the transition to a normal state.

And in order to fill in the “income” column in our table, you can use the method of brainstorming.Principles are known: we take a piece of paper and start to think, immediately formulate and write down all the ideas that come to mind. Wild, ridiculous and fantastic fix, too – it is important that they were as much as possible. Invite a friend, think together: two heads are better than one.

If the imagination is not limited, then it becomes so wild that you yourself will be surprised. The main thing is to break down barriers like “this is impossible” or “that’s stupid”. Success comes to those for whom everything is possible (within the framework of the law, of course) and nothing is nonsense. In the end, it is entrepreneurial activity that drives economic development, and not only within a single “cell of society”, but also across the country. Nothing else has been invented in the world.

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