How to conquer a woman, even if she is a teacher

How to conquer a woman, even if she is a teacher

Today, forgive me, dear ladies, purely masculine conversation. And what about the work, say the men? ..

In general, what would you know, there are three trouble-free ways to conquer the female heart. The lady should: a) laugh; b) be touched; c) surprise. But, of course, you should not use all three tools at once. After all, women, they are what? They are different. Therefore, we make a revolutionary conclusion – different women need a different approach. One is your income, and the other is a three-day unshaven.

And because of all of the above, we continue our hard work of classifying the faces of the female sex. This time, we will distinguish those persons by profession.

For example, let’s take a profession such as a teacher.
Teacher (!!!) – a frequent character of our erotic fantasies! It is worth a look at any site for adults, there are solid references to teachers! But we’re not talking about that.
This type (teacher, if forgotten) responds best to “emotion”. In our time, any dream can, of course, be bought for money – they will come to the house with a pointer and a board, but you, I believe, are not a surrogate lover, you want a real teacher from this school! There is nothing easier.

We will focus on primary school teachers, they are often young and pretty. Trust your friend and go instead to his parent meeting. Introduce yourself to the godfather “this dvoechnik”, very concerned that the godson grows so sloppy: “and to whom he just emerged?” And so on, and so forth. Then sit on the back desk and relax – everything is already done, you touched her.
She, poor thing, is so devoted to her work, and it is so painful for her to face the complete indifference of fathers to life and the education of her offspring, and you, not even your father, but your godfather, show such a touching concern! Maybe she will get agitated, she will only look at you during the meeting, and then she will sit down at you on the back desk to discuss in more detail the prescriptions and the account on the sticks. Listen to it with serious attention, and then, as if by accident, offer to drive up to the house.
How to proceed, see for yourself. Scenic options offer the already mentioned (again excuse lovely ladies!) Sites for adults …

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