How to clean the clogged shell, or the Song of Sanitary Engineering

How to clean the clogged shell, or the Song of Sanitary Engineering

Today we will make a timid attempt to comprehend the noble craft of plumbing. We will start with a small, namely with the cleaning of the shell, or rather – its sewer pipe.

So, if the sink of the shell is clogged, and there are not any wonderful sanitary gels in your household, or this rubber thing that is usually cleaned (by the way, does anybody remember what it’s called?), Then empty cardboard can help a packet of milk. Insert it with a cut off corner into the drain hole and repeatedly press from above vigorously.

If you do not consume milk, kefir and even ryazhenka in principle, and, accordingly, you do not have packages, then our old friend will be able to save you. By connecting one end of the hose to the blowing opening of the vacuum cleaner, and the other to the drain hole of the sink, turn on the vacuum cleaner. After 2-3 minutes the drain will be reliably cleaned.

Well, and if there is no first, second, or third, it remains to rely only on the latest achievements of people’s chemical thought. We hope for it as follows. Pour a handful of soda into the mouth of the sink. After it disappears in the holes of the grill, pour in half a glass of vinegar and immediately step back ten meters. After a couple of minutes, come up and rinse the drain knee with water. If nothing happened, we repeat the experiment once again, believing in the belief that popular chemists-nuggets can not be mistaken.

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