How to choose sunglasses and save your eyes?

How to choose sunglasses and save your eyes?

Hello. Our story about sunscreen begins with how to choose sunglasses. It is likely that glasses with a clear defect you can return, but the danger lies, as always, not where it is usually expected. Glasses and plastics used in the manufacture of sunglasses must retain ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, it is necessary not only to see if they fit your face, but also to ask what percentage of ultraviolet it detects these glasses. We will concentrate on this issue.

The labels “100% ultraviolet protection” should be alarming. The fact is that ordinary glass really completely delays ultraviolet, which can not be said about plastic. So, we take a closer look at the instructions and, in case of plastic, look for the inscription “80-90% ultraviolet protection”. As for the form, it is better to choose the fashionable today among the youth “streamlined” glasses that cover the side fields of view.

Now let’s look at the color. The choice of colors depends on weather factors. Pink and gold-yellow glasses are well suited for dim sunlight, when clouds are constantly appearing in the sky. Dark green goggles are also suitable for such weather, however, the color gamut of the world in them will be more adequate. Well, for bright sunny days it’s better to buy glasses with gray or brown lenses. They limit the amount of light that gets into the eyes as much as possible.

Well, in the end I want to tell a terrible story about what can happen if you treat the above recommendations lightly. And this can happen. The fact is that dark glasses deceive the pupils and cause them to expand, and the missing protection from the ultraviolet ray misses the rays. Can you imagine what is happening? So, remembering that the miser pays twice, it’s better to buy sunglasses in an expensive supermarket than to be in the hospital with a retina burn.

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