How to choose colors for apartment renovation?

How to choose colors for apartment renovation?

Today we will again raise the forgotten theme of the arrangement of our apartment. And let’s touch on this aspect of the issue, like color design. This is by no means an idle question, since skillfully using color shades and their combinations, it is possible to solve the most cherished problem of our housing, namely the area problem.

You can visually increase or decrease the size of the room with the help of color. There is a simple rule: bright colors visually reduce space, and dark, on the contrary, increase. So, if you paint your apartment in purple, black, or white colors, then an illusion of large space will be created. If your living space, by coincidence, is in a huge hangar, then the situation will be red, orange, or yellow.

In addition, one should take into account the fact that each color has its own character and this in many respects affects the area of ​​its application. For example, red color has long been associated with wealth and luxury among many peoples. He is perceived as a symbol of noisy communication, fuss. Therefore, the scope of its application extends to premises such as an entrance hall, living room and kitchen.

The blue color gives a sense of air, spaciousness and peace, and therefore experts persistently recommend heavenly tones for bedrooms and rooms intended for rest from everyday storms. Well, the most, perhaps, neutral color is the color gray. Everything is suitable for him, and he himself comes to anything. Its main advantage is that it is an excellent background for everything around, although many of the shades of gray look boring and even have a depressive effect on us, humans.

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