How to choose a mobile phone?

How to choose a mobile phone?

New technologies are rapidly conquering the world, because just recently the mobile phone was a luxury, now it has become so accessible that many people do not imagine life without a phone.

What to look for when buying a mobile phone

Always have to focus on the leading electronics manufacturers, namely
Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG. As a rule, the quality of their products is at a very high level, but the risk of forgery is very high, so pay attention to the country of the manufacturer!

Form factor
Simple form factor, found in all price categories, provides the highest reliability of your phone, because it does not have any moving parts.
Also a fairly popular design, for some reason it is more often chosen by representatives of the weaker sex. As the name implies, it consists of two parts, connected by a kind of “loop”. The reliability of this form factor is lower than that of the monoblock, the constant load on the hinges when opening and closing affects.
In general, it looks like a monoblock consisting of two parts with the possibility of shifting one part relative to the other. Reliability is about the same as the clamshell.
Free design
You have probably seen in advertising phones with the ability to rotate one part relative to the other or distorted to a disgraceful shape – they are the representatives of this class. Here everything depends on the imagination of the engineers

Modern mobile has become so close to a computer that its functionality has almost no boundaries.
First of all, pay attention to the filling of the phone.
The operating system based on Java technology has gained the most popularity among mobile phone manufacturers, this is due to the fact that it has the highest speed and quite a lot of functionality, the ability to integrate new components.
But times change and Java phones are replaced by a new class Smartphone .
It is behind him the near future of telephones, if you want to keep pace with the times, choose this kind. Full similarity with the computer’s operating system, the possibility of using the same programs as on the “big brother.”

Have a good choice when buying a mobile phone!

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How to choose a mobile phone?

How to choose a mobile phone?

A few years ago we calmly dispensed with mobile phones. Now it’s even hard to imagine how you can live without it. After all, not having a telephone means being detached from the world. A person is compelled to acquire it, if only because for his friends and co-workers this is the main means of communication.

But after all, today’s mobile phone is not only a means of communication, but also a gadget that includes many additional functions. And before buying a mobile phone, you need to decide which extras you need in your phone. No one will want to overpay for what he will not use.

About additional accessories, too, you need to decide in advance: why, for example, buy a phone bundled with a data cable, if you are not going to connect it to a computer.

Before you go shopping in a store or salon, it’s best to choose the model of your phone and accessories for it on the Internet. Sales consultants will not always be able to tell you which phone to choose, and their ability to inspire thought to unreasonable customers can force you to buy a phone for ten thousand more expensive than you need or even go home with a laptop or deep fryer of the latest model.

The tips below will help you get an idea of ​​your dream phone and reduce the risk when you buy it. First of all, you need to determine the set of phone functions. Below are the most popular of them.

1. One of the most used functions is message transmission . Messages come in three forms: SMS (Short Message Service), EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service).

SMS – text, which includes no more than 160 characters. You can send SMS messages from both the phone and the Internet.

In SMS function, SMS is extended: there is no limit to the message size, text can be formatted, images and melodies can be included in the message. But here you need to be careful – if the recipient’s phone does not support the EMS function, it will receive plain text without images or melodies.

MMS allows you to send full-blown images and sounds. In order to use the function of sending messages, the phone must reflect the Russian text, the buttons should have Russian letters.

2. Internet (GPRS). The presence of GPRS increases the possibilities of the phone many times: you can log into the Internet directly from your phone, use it as a modem for your computer, and use e-mail. Also GPRS pushes the boundaries of communication: you can connect to ISQ at any time or go to the Internet server, chat or forum you are interested in.

3. Data transmission. An active mobile phone user can not imagine life without exchanging pictures and melodies, downloading data from the computer. To perform these operations, the phone must have IR port functions (infrared port, IRDA) or Bluetooth radio interface. IR-ports are not very convenient, because For successful data transfer, the phones must be in close proximity to each other. Communication over Bluetooth is much more convenient: phones can be at a great distance from each other. And if you get a Bluetooth headset, you can, while on the street, talk on the phone, which is at home.

4. Digital camera. The camera is portable, thanks to it, you always have the ability to instantly transfer an image to another phone. Here the advantages end – the camera on the phone is rarely suitable for creating high-quality photos.

5. Ability to use flash memory cards . A flash memory card (in the simplicity of a flash drive) allows you to enter much more information into the phone (images, melodies, extend the recording time of the recorder , etc.) than the phone memory.

6. The convenience of the menu . It is very inconvenient, when you need to get to the necessary and often used function by roundabout ways because of the inconvenience of the menu.Check that the menu of your chosen phone model meets your needs.

7. Polyphonic ringing tones. And where without them? Polyphony allows you to place your favorite melody on the call and thereby express yourself. In addition, different tunes, put on different numbers, immediately help to understand who is calling you. Of course, the standard phone squealing is much better, but the favorite polyphony is more pleasant by ear. For those who like silence, the phone must also have a vibration function.

Color display, voice control, voice dialing, built-in flashlight , etc. – the functions of various mobile phones can continue and continue. When choosing a phone the main thing to remember is that it should meet your needs exactly and be convenient for you – after all the mobile phone, as a faithful doggie, will be with you for a long time.

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