How to choose a kitten name?

How to choose a kitten name?

Probably, there is no person (except for those with an allergy) who would never hold pets, and what a problem to choose a name for your pet!

Most people, probably without thinking for a long time, call their kittens cannon, barsikami, muzhkami, not investing in the nickname of special meaning and imagination. Names of thoroughbred animals also differ little from non-generic animals, mainly these are long, multi-parted names and even titles to the royal one.

And if you approach this issue creatively? The list of possible names is immediately increased, for example, you can call your kitten the way asteroids are called, for example: Aphrodite, Arizona, Barney, Bec-Borsenberger, then your kitten will probably be as fast and straightforward. However, it is also advisable to check with the dictionary, what does the chosen name mean to you, not just the name of a scientist or continent, but something heroic, for example.

Another option, to combine two names, for example the way it was done during the revolution and get something like “Bullet” (bullet), composed of the names of Buyan and Knave – this method is suitable when it is impossible to agree to the owners. The disadvantage of this method is the poor compatibility of certain nicknames, Julia and Zita, for example.

Scientific methods of selecting a nickname – the nickname is determined by the character and selected in accordance with the sign of the zodiac. Whether the kitten’s name affects the character or not, is not 100% known, and no one else will say that a kitten, born a few weeks ago and having opened eyes, is still completely spineless, so it’s worth considering whether to give a nickname without looking at the kitten or develop the existing positive features with the nickname. If you call a calm cat Furia, is she going to be mobile? Or the bully Nita? In such cases, your cat will become nervous, and not having adjusted under the nickname. I think it’s better for a calm kitten to choose something similar to such nicknames – Baron, Bembi, Hub. And for the noisy bastards – Varyag, Richard.

Choosing a nickname for a zodiac sign is probably the most difficult, but it allows you to choose the name that is most suitable and compatible with yours. Although of course this is not always what you need, for example, your kitten is very nice to you, but can not coexist with other members of your family. Well, it remains to pay for the services of astrologers or rely on your intuition.

And in conclusion some more tips: choosing a name, remember that to pronounce it to you and then not to pronounce by syllables, choose a nickname easier, all ingenious is simple; if you are not sure about the field, give a name that will be easy to apply to both the male sex and the female; not the best way out to all domestic animals in a row to give the names of artists, movie heroes, games – only in extreme cases; none of the options, please use the nicknames catalog.

So, if you were given a kitten and you do not know how to name it, take your time, look at it, maybe you do not have to be too smart, but call Ryzhik, Coal, Bunny, let the name bring joy and a kitten to you.

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