How to choose a bouquet of flowers?

How to choose a bouquet of flowers?

Today, inspired by the coming summer, as well as driven by playing hormones and a light feeling for a certain subject, let’s go pick flowers. Yes, not in any way, but so that they stand as long as possible, otherwise they will soon forget about our gift, and even about ourselves.

First, first, carefully examine the bud in the place where the petals emerge from under the outer shell. If you see traces of pulling petals, it means only one thing – the flower was subjected to so-called “processing”. In principle, the outer petals y of many colors (for example, y and pinks) are subject to the above removal, but this must be done in your presence.

Let’s glance further and examine the petals themselves, from the periphery to the center. If a strip is visible at the ends of the petals (in comparison with the rest of the background), then, most likely, you attacked the flowers-long-livers that have stood for a long time and have seen many things … maybe they already gave … Or maybe forgive me for cynicism , but it happens, the flowers on the grave have already fallen, from where they were let “through the second circle” … If the above defect is visible on the central petals – do not buy such flowers: they will dry out in a day.

Drygoy, more true, but also a more complex way is to inspect the slices. Arriving at the flower market, get the seller to pull the whole bush out of the bucket and turn it over. If the cut is lighter than the outer surface of the stem – the flowers are cut literally just now. Since such flowers have now become exotic, it is worth paying attention not so much to color as to the quality of the cut – the quality is lower (the cut is more “shaggy”) – the better: water entered the stem while the flowers were standing by the seller. And, of course, do not take flowers with a blackened cut.

Well, the last, the easiest way. Try using your fingers to squeeze the bud just above where it joins the stem. If it is hard to touch and “creaks” is a good sign. If the flower is flabby, it will fit only into a wreath. But we choose a romantic gift! So it’s not for us.

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