How to chat?

How to chat?

If you are new to the Internet, what are your first associations, if someone asks you to “not torture Claudia,” “include ICQ” or “give soap”? Without philosophizing slyly, you simply decide that this is either an unsuccessful joke, or some code language. And you will be right in something, because in the language of lovers of virtual communication “klava” is called a nickname “(from the English nickname -” nickname “). The range of use of words for “nicknames” and flights of fantasy of their owners is as wide as the World Wide Web itself. Rarely, who takes as his “nickname” his real name – most often it is considered boring or even virtual mauvais. “Nicky” type “Cherry” and “Rosochka” also do not attract attention, because it looks too luscious. Much better sounds very self-critical nickname “most unsuccessful” or nickname “Death of Kolobok”. He gets to all kinds of popular performers and famous personalities. It’s unlikely that Britney Spears, Zemfira, Gorbachev and Luc Besson are aware of how long their virtual counterparts spend online. However, the most attention is attracted to the visitors of chat rooms, which probably tried, choosing their nicks – “Prince of Darkness”, “Lord of Sorrows”, “Day’s Wrath”, “Death in Twilight”.

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