How to care for suede shoes, or Shoe Tricks

How to care for suede shoes, or Shoe Tricks

Boots protect the legs from both winter cold and spring slush. But we also need to take care of the shoes a little …

Today we will talk about the care of shoes, but not for everything, but only suede. Councils like – “shake snow from the shoes, remove the remains of dirt, dry them, shine with shoe cream” – today do not wait, they will not. There will be tricks that will allow capricious suede to please their owners as long as possible.

Of course, suede shoes are not designed for hiking, but in urban conditions it is not always possible to save boots from suede from getting to know a lot of dirt. So, it is useful to learn about how to properly clean suede dirty.

Very dirty suede shoes can be washed with warm water with a simple detergent powder, which will take very little. Just do not dunk a rag in the water, sprinkle powder on the boots, and then soak the unfortunate suede. No, the simplest, I repeat, the washing powder should be thoroughly dissolved in warm water and already carefully wash the suede boots. Then washed shoes should be wiped with a damp, and then with a dry cloth, filled with newsprint and dried away from heat sources.

If the chumazu suede did not help a large sink, and it still looks dirty, you can use boiling. Just do not understand literally: you do not need to prepare a galvanized bucket and immerse your boots in boiling water. Suffice it to hold suede over a pot of boiling water. Suede shoes should be like new.

And finally – a recipe for “refreshing” suede. If the suede shoes “lost sight”, it is wiped with a pad moistened with an aqueous solution of ammonia (one to one).

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