How to buy clothes?

How to buy clothes?

A person comes to this world naked. Apparently, this is the natural state of our body, in which the closest connection with the cosmos.
Due to various social, weather, aesthetic and other similar reasons, we are forced to hide our body under clothing. Clothes are what we contact every day. It has already been scientifically proven that there is an energy envelope around a person, called an aura. Dressing in clothes, we bring into our individual energy field an alien. If the clothing field is negative, it can lead to a violation of our own. Hence the emergence of various problems.

After all, you probably noticed that you can wear one thing without taking it off for a very long time, feel comfortable and cozy in it, and want to quickly drop the other. And the reason is not that it is not beautiful and not fashionable, but it’s just not yours. It introduces some imbalance in your energy field, the violation of which can lead even to illness. So be very careful in buying new clothes. In order that the negative impact associated with clothing does not do you harm, you should adhere to some, not very complicated, rules.

Never buy clothes from people who are uncomfortable with you.
The subconscious often warns us about the ovals, which we do not see and do not feel. No wonder they say that the first impression of a person is the most correct. The fact that this person you did not like, can be explained by the fact that your energy fields “do not work at the same frequency”. And this means that you, most likely, did not like this person. And he could not think too much of you. Do not be a great magician to charge a thing with negative energy. Even a thought flashed in my head is imprinted on the product. Taking clothes from the seller’s hands, you together with her will take a bunch of negative energy.
If someone else’s energy hostile to you comes into contact with yours, a malfunction may occur.

Talk to your “inner” counselor.
When buying clothes, we often ask advice from friends and family. After all, from the outside, it is clear whether this or that thing suits us. But no one will advise you better than you yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone can listen to the voice of their inner self. To facilitate this task, intelligent people came up with a very simple device called a pendulum. About this, just a necessary thing, recently written and said a lot. Probably everyone knows about this, but very few people use it in life. But this is not difficult at all. Firstly, tie a string (a ringlet, a nut, a cross or something else) to a thread 5-10 cm long. Secondly, agree with your pendulum about the “language of communication.” Here it is necessary to talk personally, not listening to anyone’s advice. For example, before you start working with a pendulum, ask him the question: “What will you have with us YES? And what will be NO? “The pendulum will tell you. For me, for example, the system is as follows:
YES – pendulum clockwise rotation
NO – swings in a straight line
DO NOT KNOW – turn counterclockwise.
Your options may be completely different.
So, having fulfilled these two conditions, you can safely ask your “adviser” when buying clothes: “Does this thing suit me?” Bring the pendulum to the chosen thing and wait for it to answer you.
Do not think about the mechanism of the pendulum, just trust it. Your subconscious mind will not let you down.

Clean clothes energetically.
Even if you bought a new thing that no one has worn before you, still do not be too lazy to produce its energy purification. The thing lay on the counter, many glances glided over it, touched other people’s hands. And the clothes did not come from nowhere, someone made it. And it is not known what thoughts were in the head of a tailor. A new thing has taken the influence of many people. It will be more useful for you to get rid of them.
The easiest way to remove negative energy is rinsing in running water.But, you see, I do not really want to put a new thing on. Therefore, you can recommend another method of cleaning – purification by fire.
Place the thing on a smooth surface, on a table or on the floor, and draw a candle around the contour. A candle is desirable to have a wax, without aromatic additives. If the candle burns evenly, without hesitation, then the thing does not carry energetically negative information. If the flame of the candle is not smooth, fades or flickers, then the negative is present. The candle around the thing should be repeated until the candle burns smoothly.

Be careful with things that someone has already worn.
Many people use the services of “Second Hand” stores. I have no complaints against them. Itself sometimes gets there pretty original things. But cleaning of second-hand things is simply necessary. After all, clothes store information about the old owner for a very long time. We do not know what kind of person she wore, what thoughts he had, and what happened to him. And the clothes remember it and can impose the program of the old owner on you, which is always not advisable.
Therefore, the most important condition: wash the thing necessarily, even if it looks good. Water is well washed away with all energy information. Especially good – running water. Rinse the thing in running water from the tap, and even better rinse (if possible) in the river. No wonder our grandmothers and great-grandmothers went to rinse their clothes on the river. The running water carried away all the misfortunes.
After that, iron the clothes with iron. This is a modernized method of cleaning with fire, the task of which is to burn everything bad out of clothes.
If these two methods do not suit you (for example, you bought a fur coat and erased it, of course, you will not), then you can use another way of cleaning – by weathering. Post it on the balcony or on the street, let the wind work for you.
The same rules must be followed if you give your things to someone. Remove them from your energy, so that with the clothes you gave away, you do not have any connection. After all, a person can be influenced by such channels.

Agree on the purchase of clothing with the moon.
Moon phases, whether we like it or not, strongly affect our lives. And buying clothes is no exception.
If you want clothes to serve you for a long time, then buy new things on the growing Moon, ie, when there is a young sickle in the sky. This is not just about buying. If you want some business to last a long time, start it at this time. For example, marry a growing Moon, and then there is the possibility of a longer union.
But back to the clothes. Do not recommend buying clothes when the Moon is in the Leo sign. Purchased at this time, clothes will literally “burn” on you, quickly wear out.
The position of the moon in the zodiac signs plays a big role in other issues related to clothing. For example, to wash clothes astrologers recommend during the passage of the Moon on water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). It is noticed that at this time and the laundry is better washed, and even soap is better washed.
Information on the location of the Moon in the signs of the Zodiac and its phases can be obtained in any tear-off calendar.

And, finally,
Trust your feelings more.
Always remember that you have very great opportunities. You just need to learn how to use them. Relax, drop all your limiting installations, the advice of others and just listen to yourself. And you will definitely determine: for you, whether this clothing or will harm you. The best counselor is yourself. Learn to trust him. He will never advise the bad. Listening to his advice, you can live in harmony with yourself and the world around, an integral part of which is your clothes.

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