How to buy a used car, or Used on wheels

How to buy a used car, or Used on wheels

We continue to share automotive tricks. And today we will talk about such an archival procedure as buying a used car. This time we will give ourselves completely to the tricks of the external inspection.

First, never go buy a car in proud solitude. Because, no matter what you are a dock in the purchase of used cars – the numerical superiority of sellers over the buyer will necessarily serve you badly. By the way, cunning Arab traders (and these people have centuries of experience in professional trade) never admit such a preponderance, knowing full well that it is better to fool the buyer collectively.

As for the external inspection, then we are interested, first of all, how would we not slipped the battered car. There are several tricks. The first of them must be done in a squat. Stand alternately from the right, and then from the left side and sit down, so that your eyes are located along the waist line of the car. And now, carefully and thoughtfully look, glancing at her surface. As a rule, even very well made repairs are visible from this angle.

Another trick will require you to inspect the gaps at the doors, the bigger they are, the more likely that the car has been in an accident. At the same time, check how all doors, trunk and hood are closed and open. In a non-broken machine, the effort to open and close should be the same everywhere.

Well, the last lookout for today’s cunning will be called “magnetic.” Pass along the body of a small magnet, wherever the magnet does not stick to the machine, for sure lies a large layer of putty, or several layers of paint. So, the car was sick … Is it worth taking this? Hardly.

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