How to behave properly at a rally, or Extreme Fun – Demonstration

How to behave properly at a rally, or Extreme Fun – Demonstration

Summer. Heat and ultraviolet stimulate not only sexual, but (pardon the pun) social activity. Today we will touch on the topic of rules of behavior (read – survival) for those who happened to be at a demonstration, a rally and similar crowded gathering.

I will make a reservation that we will deliberately consider the most extreme rally, which you can imagine, so that even at events that are much calmer, you feel theoretically savvy.

So, if you deliberately or accidentally found yourself in the protesting crowd, be sure to follow the recommendations below:

1. Do not stand near garbage containers, urns, prams, orphan suitcases – often in these places by forces striving to destabilize the situation at the rally , the explosive is laid. Most of all, your peace picket in defense of Vasily Ivanopulo, who was unjustly kicked out of the institute, will not be undermined. But, you remember, we are considering extreme options.

2. It is very dangerous to be near police officers, as it is on them, as a rule, the discontent of the crowd is directed, for example, stones are flying in them.

3. If the police started the operation to disperse the crowd – do not lose calm and self-control. If you start to flee, you can be mistaken for one of the instigators. In turmoil, you will not prove anything to anyone. Therefore, if you can not quietly sneak out, stand still, do not shout, do not make movements that can be perceived as aggressive. With all your kind of expression of peace or extreme surprise, such as “I walked by, and here it is !!!” – this will be the best (of the possible) guarantee that the police will not touch you when dispersing. Although, a couple of times watching the exasperated police officers, I would not give a hundred percent guarantee. By the way, in such cases, as, indeed, always, it is useful to have an identification card with you, this can save you from being detained to “clarifying the person”.

4. In case the crowd has started to move, it is dangerous to be near glass shop windows, walls of buildings, trees. Pressed toward them by the crowd, you can get a serious injury. In the moving crowd, the main thing is not to fall, so it’s better to follow the direction of the crowd and try to be in the center of it (there are more opportunities for maneuvers, air, time to think).

5. In the event of a crush, you need to press the arms bent at the elbows to the chest – so you can absorb the pressure of the crowd and protect yourself from squeezing.

6. If you fell in a moving crowd, you must immediately get up, using all possible means – otherwise you will be trampled … And this is not a joke. In order to rise, you can apply the following method: quickly get on all fours, push as far as possible the supporting leg and, without bending it, rise under the pressure of the crowd. Or try to curl up with a ball, protecting your head with forearms and hands, closing the back of your head. But at the slightest opportunity again, try to stand up.

7. When using tear gas can be protected by the following methods: close your mouth and nose with a handkerchief moistened in any liquid; if the eyes are affected, you need to quickly and often blink, so that the tears washed away the chemical. If possible, it is best to leave the place of application of the gas.

These are simple rules of survival with participation in an old ritual game with a non-Russian name “rally”.

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