How to behave on the bus, or Etiquette transport

How to behave on the bus, or Etiquette transport

Complex thing – transport etiquette. I even think that many people heard for the first time that it exists at all. Meanwhile, it is in transport that there are a lot of all kinds of nuances and nuances. Today we will try to disassemble in detail such a moment as the exit of a lady from public transport.

At first glance – it’s easy – the man comes out first and gives the lady a hand, so that she could lean on and not lose balance inadvertently. Let the summer in the yard and not at all slippery. Let the gentleman of the most subtle appearance, and his companion could easily raise the bar. Etiquette is etiquette.

But it is not enough to know what to do, it would be good and able to do it – easily and at ease. Some ladies can so elegantly flit out of the cabin of the bus, which only slightly touch the palm of the satellite. But it is necessary to touch, no matter how independent and athletic you are – thus you make it clear to the satellite that his service has been accepted and evaluated. Of course, if you really need support, you can rely on the offered hand and stronger. But still, one should not forget that his hand is a hand, not a gymnastic projectile, on which you can lean heavily.

You can often see a man jumping from a bus or trolley bus lightly and handing a hand to a lady bending under the weight of bags. It is much more practical for him to carry bags, and, going out first, put them on the asphalt, and then offer a hand to her. Well, finally, believe me, it’s okay if in anticipation of your lady, lost somewhere in the depths of the bus, you will help to get off an unfamiliar old woman or another woman.

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