How to behave in a restaurant?

How to behave in a restaurant?

Like the theater, the restaurant starts with a hanger. Unfortunately, our citizens have to remind about this. Do not rush yourself to sit at a table, even if you see free places. It is best to wait for the head waiter to avoid misunderstandings.

By the way, but how to contact the waiter? “Girl”, “Ganson”, “waiter” are unacceptable. Therefore, if for some reason the waiter did not introduce himself (although he should do it), do not hesitate to ask his name yourself.

A lot of strange manipulations are sometimes done by guests with a napkin. And the purpose of this object is simple: a napkin is unfolded and put on its knees. A man is allowed to leave it to his right. When you eat with a napkin, you can wipe your fingertips. And in any case, do not remove her lipstick!

Start the meal with cold snacks. The number of roles does not play, but there is a need in a certain order: natural vegetables – fish delicacies – meat gastronomy. If there is a company at the table, then the snack is laid out from the general dish for a snack plate. This is the plate that always faces everyone at the beginning of the dinner.

On the left is a pirozhka plate. She puts a piece of bread on her, which is taken with her hands, not with a fork! – and during the meal break off on a small piece. A whole hunk in your hand should not be kept.

If you should be served an appetizer in a separate bowl, the waiter will take away the unnecessary plate. By the way, depending on the order, the waiter preserves the table with the necessary items or removes excess.

The first dish can be served in a separate bowl set on a substitute plate. Do not put on this plate bones and other pieces of soup, which did not taste. It is better to leave them on the edge of their dishes or ask the waiter for a separate plate.

Often women do not hesitate to do their appearance right during dinner. Do not do this! If you feel any mess, go to the toilet. At the end of dinner, a woman is allowed only to look at herself in the mirror.

The second dishes cause a little more questions. And one of them: “What devices should I use first, if, according to the rules, there are several of them?” Let’s say you could not remember everything on the diagrams given in the literature (it’s so rare to check yourself). There is a clue: you will never get in trouble if you first take objects lying at a distance from the edge of the plate.

In the same serving literature, it is pointed out that chopped dishes are eaten without the help of a knife. Some understand this so that the knife should be left, and the fork shifted from the left hand to the right. But in fact, the knife in this case is not cut, but helps to correct the pieces.

And when the table and fish and meat, where to start? The rule is categorical: with fish. Some people do not know how to “culturally” eat chicken or fish, and therefore do not risk ordering them. In vain. It’s not that hard. Fish are not cut, but with a knife they help to separate bones. And the chicken, in contrast, all the meat, as much as possible, is cut off with a knife, after which the bones can be taken by hand and gnawed. The waiter must bring a plate of acidified water to wash his hands.

The second is followed by desserts and hot drinks. Sugar, if there are no tweezers, you can take with your hands or a spoon. Lemon is laid with a special fork, squeezed juice out of it, and the leftovers are laid out on a saucer. For a long time, there has been a certain correspondence between beverages and the dishes served. So, it’s better to order red dry (warmed) wines to the meat, to the fish – white dry (room temperature), sweet dessert to the dessert, to coffee – cognac, well, and to the fruits – champagne. Smoking during lunch is not desirable, even if you really want. After all, smoke interferes with their own feelings, and neighbors.

And another question that some people find particularly delicate. This is a tip. All over the world they are treated calmly.However, “to give or not to give,” the client must decide only himself. The waiter is obliged to file an account to him (with the bent corner of the total, since it is possible that the owner of the dinner does not want to disclose the amount) and count the change, but the client takes it or, conversely, makes it clear that he leaves the money.

Bon appetit and rest!

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