How to behave in a casino?

How to behave in a casino?

For a long time we did not go to casinos. The casino is a resting place, and not a mine, as many believe. And that’s why you need to play roulette, and not try to make a fortune on it.

So … You should not try to score with your chips all 36 cells. The maximum that can be afforded is the “transversal” (that is, the 6-cell horizontal line). And do not forget to put the chips on the field neatly, it’s in your best interest.

Now directly on how to bet. This should be done at a time when the croupier just threw the ball on the wheel. If you hope with a slowdown of the wheel to guess at least approximately a winning field, you are mistaken. But on others it will make a bad impression and will cause increased interest in the guard, which monitors the game on video cameras.

After the words of the croupier, “Bets are made,” do not try to put anything on the table, it’s pointless.

As for the rules of conversation at the gaming table, it is one thing to keep quiet. Do not pester the players with questions: have they played for a long time, who are they, what numbers fell out in the last hour, what to do, who is to blame, and why Volodka shaved his mustache. The casino is a place for the silent.

You should not also try to talk the croupier. First, it prevents him from making the necessary calculations (to whom and how many chips to give :)) And secondly, he generally has the right to answer only questions relating to the game. Better after the first win, give him one chip, but not the smallest. So it is accepted.

And finally, remember that when you go to a casino, it’s very important to be able to control yourself. Roulette is an extremely gambling thing, but from decent casinos the administration removes those who, in her opinion, have lost a neat appearance, drank too much or “rode”, that is, was excited and could make a scandal.

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How to behave in a casino?

How to behave in a casino?

It always fascinated, appeased and at the same time a scarecrow. It’s scary to go into it, not to mention playing. Some call it a hot place, others – the meaning of life. In any case, the casino is a whole world. And someday you can be in it. Be ready to meet with poker, roulette and croupier will help these tips.

For the first time

New always scares a person. Psychologists even derived the term “fear of novelty.” A new car (and what if the brakes are spoiled?), A new job (and if they do not appreciate me?), A new woman (and suddenly she’s a hunter for husbands?) – everything is fraught with danger.

But if the car, work and women in the life of the man have already been, then the casino is the first time, and with it is associated a lot of myths. The most common: the casino – for bandits, and honestly make a living people do not go there. If this is true, then every average Russian city can be called gangster. After all, it certainly has at least one casino, and each has its own regular players.

A lousy place?

In Russia, a gambling institution can be visited by anyone who turned 18 years old, but people do not hurry to go there. There is a strong stereotype that a casino is a hot place. “If you go at least once, then for the rest of your life you will only take your money there.” This is very similar to the horror stories of grandmothers, who even on TV did not see poker.

Today, in a civilized world, a casino is perceived as a civilized place for time. Here appoint meetings, organize concerts, celebrate holidays, just relax. Many people, finding themselves in institutions of this kind, begin to feel uncomfortable: “And what about me think? After all, you can not walk here! “Or” The Dealer looked at me askance. Condemns, probably … “.

Remember – no one condemns you, does not scold and does not regret. They just do not have the right. These people work to make you feel comfortable and come again. So be sure of yourself. And be sure to grab your passport in the casino. You will need to register at the reception. You can be calm: these data will not go anywhere further from the walls of the institution. Your full name is necessary for managers for internal use (for example, check for involvement in the catalogs).

Dress code

In many European gambling establishments, it is customary for men to come in suits. Tie and polished shoes are also mandatory. In some casinos, these rules are desirable, but not mandatory. The dress code of most establishments is even simpler – they will definitely not be allowed in a sports suit and sneakers, and also in shoes that remind them of something. The rest – jeans, trousers, shirts, jumpers, shoes, boots , etc. , etc. – at your discretion. The main thing is to look neat. A man in jeans, but a vagabond look, in the casino today is definitely not allowed.

At the same time, there is a paradox. The more expensive the institution, the greater requirements they make to the appearance of their visitors. But! The more money you have, the less administration of the casino will pay attention to how you are dressed.

A player with ten years of experience Alexander told how a few years ago he played in a casino in Voronezh and periodically went down to relax in the sauna. He was tired of constantly changing clothes, and the managers allowed him to play in the casino, wrapped in a sheet. Of course, it is not worth repeating his feat.


You can communicate with them or disregard them, you can be friends or not talk. Cursing is definitely not worth it, because the croupier is your partner for the whole game. He will tell the rules and teach you how to play, at first you can even tell what decision to take. He will call the waitress and congratulate you on the next payment. At the same time, he wins your money …

Friend or foe? Rather, friend, because he plays with you by all the rules (you can look at your neighbor in the cards, and he does not even see his own). Treat the dealer as an integral part of any casino.He gives out cards, runs a spin (ball) on the roulette table, places chips, makes payments. It’s not his fault that you put on “red”, and dropped “black”. It’s not his fault that you were given a “street”, and he has a “full house” (this combination is older in poker), because you’ve been decommissioned. In the end, it’s not his fault that you came to the casino today.

Do not dump your failures at the dealer. They are in the workplace, and playing by the rules is their duty. Better give the chip for tea. They certainly will not play to the hand, but pay more attention – yes. The casino loves generous people.


So, you’re at the table. You win and you want to share your joy. Do not pester the neighbors on the table with the words: “You see how I’m lucky today!”. Perhaps, only you are lucky, and your neighbor, on the contrary, periodically runs to the cashier for new chips.

Also, if you are in the neighbor’s place and are constantly losing, do not look for sympathizers among those who sit next to you. Imagine that a man approaches you in a restaurant and starts telling you that he has just lost a large sum or bought it on the contrary. What will you do? Suggest to try your rack of lamb? Rather, you ask him to get out.

Also in the casino – each in itself. If only you did not come by the company or met your acquaintances here (would you surely share a lamb with your friends?).

You do not have to pester the neighbors on the table with your advice. Are you a guru? Or a millionaire who won all his money with successful bets? Why do you think that you know better where to put it? Even if it is, remember that every person has the right to make a mistake. And for their mistake in the casino, people pay their own money.


“The casino administration has the right to refuse to visit you without explaining the reasons” – this rule operates in every such institution. You will not be expelled for having won a large sum or lost on the contrary; For breaking a glass or dropping cards on the floor; For the fact that you swear quietly with a mat or change from table to table.

Most likely, you will be asked to leave the institution if you broke a glass about the head of the croupier, if you swear too much at the mat if you prevent other customers from playing, if you do not respond to the manager’s request not to look at someone else’s cards. In general, if you behave inappropriately.

In the gambling business, the term “black card” is used. If you were given a “black card” for one evening – this means that today you can not play anymore. Do not get upset about this – tomorrow about it no one will remember. The card can be given for a longer period. To get a lifelong “black card”, you need to be a master catalog.

Not always the casino administration will act as your opponent. She can become an ally. For example, it seemed to you that the croupier moved your chip to the roulette field, and as a result, the payout will be less. Do not listen to the indignation of the croupier that “it was so,” but rather call the manager. Double situations are often resolved in favor of the client. Because they live at the expense of your money.


Casino is a separate world, and you should not stand this world behind its walls. “Colleague on the shop” we can meet anywhere – at a meeting, presentation, at a hotel in the Caribbean. Do not stormy discuss with him your latest trip to “cereal”. Maybe he does not want to advertise his passion for gambling. Or just embarrassed.

By the way, the most common myth associated with the casino – “here nobody is allowed to win.” Believe the experience of millions of players around the world. Is someone going to put their money in a “green” place, if he constantly loses there? In the casino, the main thing is not to get carried away and leave on time. All the money you still will not win. Better go with what you already have. Good luck!

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