How to behave as a hostage, or the tricks of an unprofessional hostage

How to behave as a hostage, or the tricks of an unprofessional hostage

Time is troubling now, wherever you look – solid terrorists. And they, the terrorists, also have their favorite jobs. For example, planes. About them today and speech.

So, if you go on a trip, you suddenly found that your plane was captured by terrorists, and if you are not Bruce Willis, to save life and health, both yours and others, we hasten to resort to the following tricks of the unprofessional hostage .

The first rule of the seized teapot says: do not stand out in a group of hostages and you can not annoy bandits by anything. This means that you should not blow your nose, cough, cry loudly or complain, and if you want to open your purse, get up or move to another place, then ask for permission (nothing, in court, you will tear at the terrorists).

The second rule of the hostage teaches us that when you are in such a situation, you need to try to remember as accurately as possible the number of invaders in which part of the aircraft they are, their weapons, the number of passengers, the physical and physical state of the terrorists, (aggression, the impact of drugs) as the leader of the group looks like.

The fact is that often during the negotiations, the invaders release children, women and sick people. And if you were in this number (in part, and thanks to simulation, but you need to be careful here), you managed to convince the bandits that you are sick, then your information can very well help the capture group.

Well, finally, the third rule extends directly to the capture itself. With him it is best to stay away from the passage and closer to the porthole. Hearing strong claps from the outside, gather: most likely it was the charges of the capture group, after which the hatches will separate.

The following claps in the salon will mean – checkers with tear gas or light grenades. Your task at the same time to close your eyes (in no case do not rub them), hold your breath, bend down as low as possible. The safest position is with your hands behind your head, covering your neck with brushes, elbows with sides and stomach.
And, of course, in no case should you move, let alone run towards the liberators, trying to get into their embrace. You may be misunderstood …

Well, but, God forbid, to be in such a situation.

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