How to become rich? Be it!

How to become rich? Be it!

Today we will talk about how to become rich. And not just rich, but very rich. And not only very rich, but very rich and … happy.

As you know, even the thousand-mile road to well-being begins with the first step. And this first step decides which way you will go. There are roads similar to the New Year’s streamer – a lot of work and scanty results. And there are roads that look like a stretched string – you are focused, nothing distracts you, your results amaze you, you quickly and easily achieve your goal …

Do you know the difference between love and passion? Love is love. But passion is a tough combination of love and pain. Love for what you do, love for a loved one … But at the same time it’s PAIN if you have not achieved something. In any place, at any time, just ask yourself the same question: “Am I doing this with passion?”. And if what you do, you do with passion, then half of the first step is already done.

Moving on. Money. Or rather, what gives a supply of money, except for the money itself. Count up to a penny all your monthly expenses. Then multiply by six. You will receive an amount that will allow you to think quietly for six months without even working, where you are going in your life. Or maybe you need to change jobs or change direction in business? This is the second half of the first step. Have you stopped? Have you thought about it? Determined with the direction? Forward!

Now you can accurately say: “I do not just love my work, but I treat it with passion” and “I can dedicate myself and all my time to my work.” And now, your first step to well-being has already been done.

Of course, in the first step the road does not end. Ahead of the second, third … the tenth … hundredth … And each of them must be accompanied by an understanding of what you are doing, why you are doing this and the desire to realize your plan in any way.

The audio course of the economic genius, the multi-millionaire Bodo Schaefer “The Way to Financial Independence”, on the materials of which the issue was prepared, can become a powerful help in the movement towards big money.

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