How to become a millionaire, or A little bit about DIVNA disease

How to become a millionaire, or A little bit about DIVNA disease

Today – greetings to all those who want to become a millionaire, but have not decided yet how to contrive.
Of course, the inheritance of a loving aunt is the most reliable way to improve your financial situation. Although, if you understand, what joy in possessing material values, if they belong to you by birth right, and you did not have the opportunity of their sharp, unbearable desire? Where is the field for applying remarkable abilities and outstanding talents?
In addition, if you believe fiction and Hollywood cinema, with rich heirs, something always happens badly: in their infancy they are kidnapped, in their childhood they are trampled by a rabid pony, in adolescence they make suicide attempts, trying to swallow a handful of large diamonds with grief. In the end, they begin to smell cocaine and die young, because they “have nothing more to want” (the last one is © BG).

Rejoice, impudent and poor: we do not face any of these terrible problems! Thank your destiny – it left no choice: you will have to become a millionaire, whether you like it or not!
And today we will start with the most difficult, namely, what is called Diwan’s disease.
In any case, the most difficult thing is to start. In order to impress the world with great achievements, you must at least get up from the couch. As historical experience shows, this part of the plan is given to the Russian people especially hard. In memory, there immediately comes an obliging folk wisdom “did not live well, there is nothing to start.” I also remember the great Russian hero Ilya Muromets, lying on the stove so muscular that, if he lived nowadays, he could easily lead the whole Tambov brotherhood …

Stop! Do not let insidious folklore take you into the world of dreams. The cruel reality, unfortunately, is that on the couch you can lie just a couple of unappetizing folds at the waist and a deep aversion to life. Of course, from the sofa it is very convenient to play before the wife the play “unrecognized genius”. However, the monotony of the repertoire can bore even a very compliant spectator. If you do not want to bring a poor woman into an article for causing you serious bodily harm, it is better not to test her patience.
Moreover, the prospects are very tempting. Before the future master of life there is an interesting task: to shake out money from the world around him, with which he, the world, does not intend to part with such a trifling case as the appearance in him of yet another beggar and hungry insolent person. Are you strong and toothy? Forward!

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