How to be treated with vodka?

How to be treated with vodka?

Today in our academy we will go on to study philosophy and touch upon such a topic as the struggle and unity of opposites. The struggle and unity, which will be discussed, are especially relevant in the inclement autumn season. And more precisely, the subjects of today’s conversation will be such polar at first glance, concepts like vodka and health, as well as the problem of how to combine them.

So, we offer a widely tested method of treating superficial (that is, not deepened in the bronchi) colds with the help of vodka, soda and milk. It can easily be called “In Milk and Two Waters”, although it’s not about bathing. Not a hangover for the sake of, but health for, we breed in 30-50 grams of vodka a pinch of salt and a rinse: teeth, mouth and – lifting your head – your throat. Swallow. We get a specific pleasure. After that, rinse with a strong, hot soda solution. Of course, if you have not set yourself the goal to be treated also for heartburn, do not swallow. Finally, rinse the mouth with warm milk. Here – at the discretion. If the body takes vodka with milk, boldly swallow. If the body is against, just rinsing … The treatment algorithm is simple: vodka disinfects, soda relieves inflammation, milk envelops.

In the same way, we remove the exhausting toothache. And in the morning you yourself will have to decide whether it is convenient to go to a doctor with acute pain along with a fume that will be slightly palpable. However, the doctor, as a rule, understands … The main thing is to remember that in this case, categorically one should not use cognac! It seems to be, what difference does it make, why do not you … For a cold – please, on health, but with toothache – only vodka! The fact is that tannins contained in cognac cause the tissues to contract, so a crack or a hole in the tooth only increases from this, and the pain intensifies. Hence – the conclusion: any disease its treatment.

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