How to avoid fraud with the phone?

How to avoid fraud with the phone?

The last year was literally marked by the shaft of new fraudulent tricks, manipulating with telephones. And if the number of frauds with mobile phones has declined, in connection with the improvement of protection from “replanting” of cellular communications companies, fraud with “ordinary” phones of city lines is flourishing.

One of the most popular phone sellers, especially in the small towns of our homeland, has become this. Experiencing a passionate desire to once become a hotel, we suddenly come across a clipping from a newspaper that unambiguously reads: “We conduct one-way telephone communication. Quality is guaranteed! Phone dispatcher … “

After standing in line for a phone for about seventeen years and realizing that you can not wait for it, you happily peck at this bait. Let it be one-sided, you think, vaguely imagining what it is, and deciding that on the bezrybe and cancer fish, you call the specified phone.

After some time the master comes to you, puts the phone, some mysterious blocker, and even leads the wiring, takes from you a purely symbolic amount of money in rubles 700 or 1000 and, at last, introduces you to simple rules for using a new device . And really, you are amazed, what’s so clever about it – when the red light burns on the blocker, you can not take the tube, well, and if it does not burn, – call, I do not want to!

All would be nothing, but only after a while you begin to notice that the above-mentioned blocker began to act up – there were “otherworldly” noises and calls. Well, after that, within a day or two, an enraged neighbor will burst in and with a triumphant cry: “I figured you out! This you “sat down” on my phone !!! “- threatened with a complaint, a fine, a prison and a curse to the third tribe. You are in this situation will be in a very delicate situation.

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