How to attract money?

How to attract money?

There is not much money. This proverb has long sat in the mind of every person. When we earn ten thousand, we think: “It would be 20, I would definitely have enough for everything”. It is worth starting to earn twenty, as you immediately want to get thirty and further on increasing. Simply, our inquiries are increasing, hence, spending is increasing.

However, do not think that with a reduction in costs and austerity, you will accumulate an impressive amount. Nothing will come of it, but all because we do not understand that we need to increase revenues, and not cut costs.

In our head, a lot of myths that interfere with the flow of money. Remember all the same sayings. For example, one that says that money is evil. Sowing in my head once, this thought from her then will not go away. In fact, you do not need to think that money brings troubles. Even if on the eve of your neighbor you hit on the head to pick up a suitcase with money. Similarly, you can hit the head and you, even if you have a pair of coins in your pocket. Money should be perceived as not so much a blessing, but a means for the acquisition of goods.

You should not think that the more you work, the more you will earn. This is not entirely true. The correct position is to decide first where you will spend these earned money. So the person is arranged, that even at a subconscious level, he strives for the goal. So if you think that in twenty years you can buy an apartment, then in twenty years and buy. If you have firmly decided that an apartment is just necessary for you in the next two or three years, then … get and sign.

Of course, she does not come to you in her hands. The difference is that if a person needs something, he quickly finds the ways to get what he wants. As psychologists say, before you start earning more, a person needs to know where he will spend this money. And not just dreams, but a clear structure for the allocation of funds.

And do not think that money is everything. They do not solve anything, the person decides, and money is a means to implement these decisions. You can not buy money for friends, love, happiness, after all.

This may seem stupid, but you must treat money with respect. No, you do not need to say hello and say goodbye. But to buy a purse made of natural material, in which the money will not crumple and bend, fold them in order (the largest bills need to be put in the near compartment, and not as we usually do) and pull out from their pockets torn, stained and crumpled bills.

You can put an unchangeable coin or a note in the purse. Personally, in my lies a dozen, which is forbidden to spend. But what should I get out of it, these are checks, photographs and the rest of the nonsense, which is usually filled with a purse. It is designed for money, this function should be the only one that it will perform.

You can still buy a money toad or make a collage with coins, but to be honest, I did not use this method, but there are people who used these methods and were satisfied.

In conclusion, I would like to note that in my life there is more money. And if earlier I was impatiently waiting for a salary, now I never stay on the brink. And this is already talking about something.

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How to attract money?

How to attract money?

Every person, no matter how profitable he is, no matter how much money he has, he wants to have as much money as possible. Naturally, in order to achieve financial prosperity, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts. However, there are simple tricks that can help in solving financial problems.

How to attract money? The age-old worldly wisdom and newfangled trends of parapsychology converge in one: for money to “go” to you, and not from you, you need to treat money with respect and play by special “monetary” rules.

Let’s start with the purse. First, do not buy cheap wallets. They themselves carry the energy of poverty, and serious money has almost no chance to visit them. Secondly, pay attention to the color and material from which it is made. The most suitable materials are leather and suede, and there are not so many colors that accumulate material well-being: brown, black, gold.

Many people put photos of relatives close to their wallet, which also carry a powerful energy charge, but not a financial one. Moreover, photos in the wallet can prevent the attraction of money, and, on the contrary, the energy of money can influence through photos on the people depicted on them, and in an unpredictable way.

But the special “money stores”, amulets to carry with them is recommended. So, the heather in large quantities concentrates material energy, so that it attracts money to your wallet, the twig of this plant should always be worn with you.

In the compartment for trifles or in the pocket, be sure to put a coin (a note never to be wasted), that money energy is always present inside. For example, the most famous and widespread “money” amulet for Americans is “the first dollar earned,” which brings good luck in finances.

It is not recommended to put money in a purse, pockets crumpled, all the bills in the wallet should be smoothed and placed in the wallet face to the owner. In order to lure money, according to an ancient note, one must go to the young month at night, show him money and ask for more. To help those who load – it is desirable: this leads to increased welfare. But avoid helping those who unload.

Also, remember that you can not put a bag with a wallet on the floor, and then there will be no money. It is considered a bad omen to take money in debt in the evening or consider them on Monday evening. It is undesirable to stand on the threshold, so as not to “stand still” coming to the house well-being.

After sunset of the Sun, money is not considered – not to decrease. Money is not put on the table, it is not swept in the house after sunset – this is for losses.

Easy money that has emerged from nowhere (even a found purse, superfluous delivery in a store) is not a gift from God, but quite the contrary. For this money will later have to pay with illnesses, evil eye, misfortunes with close people.

As for debts, loans, recommendations are as follows: the debt is given in the morning, and not in the evening – so that money is kept; on Monday they do not give money, otherwise the whole week will be spent.

However, do not forget: “If money is all you need, that’s all you will get.”

Happiness, Love, and Goodness and the lack of material problems!

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