How to arrange a dinner party?

How to arrange a dinner party?

Today you are expecting a dinner party. You naturally want the atmosphere to be festive or even a little solemn, well, and guests should feel comfortable and cheerful.
To do this, it is not necessary to buy a mountain of bottles with exotic labels. Better than the little that is available, properly poured, on time and to the place to serve, with the greatest aesthetic pleasure to drink. To get such an effect, you just need to know a few simple rules of etiquette relating to the spill of alcohol.

Here, for example, take a seemingly simple piece, like a wine glass for water, the one that should be served before the start of the meal. Let’s take it and stand still in bewilderment, for we have no idea what to do with it and where to put it. Meanwhile, there is nothing easier. They put it against the blade of the knife in the layout of the cutlery.
And now, starting from the location of this glass, we put all the other containers for drinking. All of them should line up to the right of a glass in the order corresponding to giving of drinks.

Well, and now, figuring out what to put, we will determine what to pour. Water, beer, red wine, strong alcoholic drinks are poured only in glasses of transparent – not colored – glass. But the white wine can with peace of mind highlight the colored wine glass.
Light wines are poured into large glasses. Strong wines – in glasses of medium capacity. Well, aperitifs – in the smallest.
Champagne is drunk from wide glasses on the middle leg – if you do not like gas in the drink. If you like how the gas bubbles hit your nose – drink it from tall narrow glasses.

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