How to acquire capital, or Little to make a lot, you need to save a lot

How to acquire capital, or Little to make a lot, you need to save a lot

Money is a necessary resource, but for some reason it is often not enough. As large as our revenues are, spending almost always grows faster. And this is a graphic illustration of the law of increasing needs, not the most pleasant law in our life.

There is an exit and it is obvious: money can be saved up. Yes, perhaps today is not the most favorable financial conditions for this in the country and in your individual family. But let’s remember, how much less did we manage to live in the student body or just at the beginning of our work path? Is it justified to spend all the money that we earn today? No. You just need to get used to financial discipline.

In addition, there are some useful financial habits that help to accumulate capital:

1. You should save money regularly – with every new income or with every salary, but at least once a month.

2. Do it best not at the end of the month, not what is left, but immediately, so that it is guaranteed.

3. How much to procrastinate? Financial advisors usually talk about the amount of 10% of income, it is not burdensome for the budget and painless for our psyche.

4. Sometimes there are also pleasant surprises – an increase to the salary, other unplanned incomes. We do not call for sending them all to the Black Day Foundation. To please myself and my relatives, to raise the standard of living is a worthy cause. However, to postpone part of this increase, the optimal half is the reasonable decision of a reasonable person.

5. The most important thing – where to put off – in a stocking, in a mattress, in a jug, dug in a vegetable garden? No! Money should make money. Are there risks? Of course. But, we are guided by the principle “Do not put all the eggs in one basket.” Real estate, shares, mutual funds, bank deposits on special terms. Yes Yes! Even if you have a small salary, all of the above can also bring a progressive income. It is only necessary to start and consistently adhere to financial discipline. Even if some of the funds “burn” in the next cataclysm, the profits from the remaining can fully cover the losses. Consult with financially competent friends, ask bank employees to calculate your income on the deposit made for a long enough period – the result may strike you. Do not underestimate the mathematical progression.

So, starting with following these simple tips, and then, after comprehending other subtleties and nuances of creating your own state, you can become very wealthy, if not a very rich person. Except for jokes. Just believe it.

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