How not to fall into an accident, or Psychology of the driver

How not to fall into an accident, or Psychology of the driver

It turns out that on that joyful circumstance that we finished driving courses and got a piece of paper that we are the most, that neither is real drivers, this science, which is indisputable for us, a science called psychology, looks somehow skeptical and incredulously. Why, – we ask the science of psychology in this issue, – do you look at our driver’s licenses so incredulously? ..

The fact is, – science says in a low voice – that in order to ride along the motorway with a breeze, some driving school skills are sometimes not enough. On the professionalism of the driver, a huge, almost determining role, is provided by personal and psychological qualities. For example, professional drivers who have approximately the same percentage of professionalism, good response, in short, all the necessary for driving qualities, for some reason clearly divided into two categories: some are constantly in trouble, and others – almost never.

This is explained by different amounts, not only of gasoline, or antifreeze, but also of the psychological problems that a person carries in himself and the way of their processing. In short, the more people are loaded with problems, the worse it reacts to the situation on the road and is more inclined to fall into an accident. Such drivers, as a rule, have the same features – they are less sociable, but they are extremely quick-tempered and irritable, and the intellectual level of most similar motorists is not that high. Moreover, these quick-tempered silent people, constantly persecuted by a series of failures, even an unexpectedly bright stripe may cause an accident.

Where is the way out, we ask, anxiously recounting our bands. You can only advise here one thing. If there is some suspicious uneasiness in the management of the car, the most correct way is to contact the psychologist who is dealing with the correction of such cases, or take note of everything read above, namely:

Managing the car, try not to succumb to emotions – strong experiences, both negative , and positive, irritation, and hence inattention – these are the main sources of danger on the road.

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