How not to drown in the car?

How not to drown in the car?

How to get out of a sinking car? In this issue, there are a lot of subtleties and nuances, not taking into account which in this very water you can stay for a very long time … forever.

First, if the car has fallen into a body of water (God forbid, of course) from the embankment or bridge, we do not leave the car until it is fully immersed in water or, if finely, until the wheels get to the bottom. Otherwise, the rushing water can become your gravedigger.

When it became clear that the car was sinking, the first thing to do was close the windows to slow the dive process. After that, it is good to turn on the headlights, which can serve as a signal for potential rescuers and help later to find and raise the car (electrical equipment usually continues to work for some time).

If we were traveling alone, try to lower the seatback to have more space for movement. Further, using the moment, while the car is submerged, it is necessary to look for pillows, bundles, or some clothes, to put everything that is under oneself, in order to rise to the ceiling.

At the same time, we must try to get rid of all the things that can impede movement: coats, heavy clothes, shoes, laces and belts – all this, in this situation, we will not need.

And when the water filled the interior and exceeded the door level, that is, the principle of equalizing the pressure is done, you need to open the door safely. This path is preferred if the machine remains intact. Otherwise, a window opens, a hand protrudes and rests against the roof, the face is turned inwards, and then head out ahead of us we get out of the car.

In the same case, if the windows do not open, you will have to break the glass. Usually preference is given to the front or rear, which are more than others. This, however, depends on the position in which the machine is after diving and which almost never is horizontal.

In order to break the glass, it is necessary to wait until the last, then to beat with a blunt object, not in the center, but in the corner of the glass, where the resistance is less. For this purpose, for example, a fire extinguisher, which should always be in the cabin, can sometimes serve, and sometimes it is enough to press your feet and squeeze out the glass from the rubber gaskets without even breaking it.

And most importantly – as in any crisis situation, the most important here is self-control, because after panicking, we ourselves begin to pose a danger.

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