How not to become a victim of scammers, or Criminal undress … on their own free will

How not to become a victim of scammers, or Criminal undress … on their own free will

Let’s talk about the power of the word? About his great power of persuasion and coercion … Or rather about scammers who, without resorting to any other influences, as soon as to the power of verbal persuasion, leave listeners listening to them, at times, literally without pants.

These amazing conversations are usually as follows. On the street, two or three guys approach you and start a conversation with the following content. Like, you, of course, are a brother, I’m sorry, but you’re just as sick as a man who beat a brother, raped a sister , etc. He (she) is now in the hospital and let’s go to the identification.

You reason in such a situation approximately as follows: I am honest and I have nothing to fear, nothing is worth dispelling suspicions. And if I refuse, they will think it’s my fault. We will not convince you that you are stupid, but we will better see what usually comes of this.

The hospital is chosen closest, up to psychiatric. The intended victim, in this case, you are offered to undress (not go to the ward in the outer clothing, or another argument – the things in bail, so as not to run away), leave things (coat, bag or whatever) in the car or from the accomplice.

Sam cheater undresses too. Then she “threw” under a plausible pretext (for example, “I went to look for a doctor”) is being removed, and you will await the promised identification for a long time in the hope of restoring justice.

Do not fall for such tricks. It is better to refuse to go anywhere at once, and when the mood of the “interlocutors” indicates their extreme desire to “sort out the situation” – go with them to the police station or to the nearest militiaman.

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